My best Twitter threads

I love to tweet. You love reading my tweets. For organization’s sake, here’s a bunch of the best ones.

In no particular order, here’s a list of my favourite threads from myself:

How I fucked things up with the first two girls I dated

Most men’s dating strategy

Random promiscuous drunken sex…

The difference between how women behave around me now vs how they would 1-3 years ago is astounding.

In the long term, both alcohol and marijuana are awful for your bodily chemistry.

I absolutely cannot relate to people who get into relationship games and drama.

Major mistake I made during my teen years: NOT PURSUING GIRLS

I used to be insecure about being the only one of my friends who’s never been in a serious relationship, now I’m better off for it.

Truths about ghosting

Avoidable mistakes men make with women

I flopped at life as a kid.

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