Girls have sex. What do guys have?


Half of that is true. Women can indeed control and manipulate men through giving or withholding sex. Women have agency over their bodies, after all.

However, only weak men don’t have anything to counter that with. Only weak men give in to women when they use access to their bodies as a bargaining chip. If that’s your model of a man, then git gud, loser.

Here’s the truth: Men DO have something as powerful as a woman’s sexual energy. In case you forgot or never knew: MEN HAVE MALE SEXUAL ENERGY.

Harnessing and channeling that sexual energy is a MUST for attracting women and for being a happy man.

A woman’s sexual energy becomes her body: her breasts, her waist, her hips, her smell, her legs, her soft skin, her lustrous hair, her sultry voice. Men see her, and men want access to sticking their cocks in her. This thirst makes some men weak, and the women they desire can easily walk all over them and manipulate them.

However, while a woman’s body is ENTIRELY sexual, a man’s body isn’t. His sexuality is concentrated in his genitals. That’s why in most societies, a woman showing skin is taboo compared to a man doing so. And that’s fair. Male and female sexuality are polar and you’d be delusional to assume they’re equal.

So how are you to be as sexual as a woman? Rock out with your cock out? That’ll get you a public indecency charge! You know how women feel about seeing surprise cocks!


In the dating world, girls’ power is sex. What is guys’ power?


A man’s purpose is his value, which becomes his power in the dating world.

While female sexuality radiates from a woman’s physical body, male sexuality radiates from a man’s MOVEMENT AND PURPOSE.

Here’s how it works for women:

A woman’s physical beauty = Genetic expression of that woman’s purpose (creation of new life, nurture of existing life) = That woman’s value

And how it works for men:

A man’s potency channeled into movement, purpose, and creation = That man’s value

A man’s potency = A woman’s beauty

A man channeling his potency into purpose = A woman channeling her beauty into sex

A man’s looks are a byproduct of his potency and purpose, not the other way around.

A woman’s purpose and influence are byproducts of her looks, not the other way around. Her looks come from her genetics and from how she treats herself (exercise, nutrition, overall chemistry, grooming and clothing choices).

In any case, physiognomy is a very real thing. You can learn almost anything you need to know about someone from their looks.

A man’s divine purpose is to build a piece of the world. He can do that through taking on creative projects, competing in sport, defending his country, entertaining an audience, or physically laboring. His relationships, bonding with a woman, and creating children come AFTER he puts his potency into self-actualization.

A woman’s divine purpose is to attach herself to a man and nurture him and their children. Her works and self-actualization come AFTER she bonds with a man.

A man’s #1 purpose is to make something of himself. A woman’s #1 purpose is to be worthy of bonding herself to a man who’s making something of himself.

Men create things and women create people.

That’s why a woman’s SMV peaks when she’s young and pure, and a man’s peaks when he’s still relatively young but experienced and hardened.

That’s why women gossip about men like they do, as hurtful as it can be. This information helps them select better partners and avoid deceptive ones.

That’s why men get so obsessed about cold, hard information, unlike women. This information helps them refine their purpose.

That’s why a woman’s job and assets (outside her body) mean jack shit compared to a man’s when it comes to her sexual attractiveness, while a man’s flawed looks don’t always sink him in the dating world.

That’s why romance novels are porn for women. They CRAVE being emotionally thrown by a strong, dynamic, masculine man who knows what he wants and goes for it. Women love even the negative emotions associated with being attached to a man. Boredom is the only feeling they truly hate.

Want to BE that strong, dynamic, masculine man who women get all submissive and feminine for? Not just act like him and wonder why it’s not working?

Work with me! I know my shit when it comes to dating.

I don’t just know the WHATs. I know the WHYs and the HOWs of the dating world’s machinations.

When we work together one-on-one, I will shatter your socially constructed beliefs about the dating world, and I’ll empower you with the truth of how it all works.

Every knot in your dating life will be undone by me.

I will mold you into an independent force of nature in the dating world.

Do you want to build your power in the dating world?


Or do you want to stay stagnant in your dating life and wonder endlessly about what you’re doing wrong?


Also, if you have any questions about male potency and female beauty, or problems in your dating life you want my perspective on, feel free to reply to this email or to DM me on Twitter!

Catch you later,

– Ben

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