Working on your attractiveness during quarantine

I can’t wait until this quarantine is over. Weather’s nice (at least where I live), I’m full of energy, and short shorts season for the girls is coming soon. So we better defeat this coronavirus ASAP as possible, cause I want to pick up those girls and show off my body too. My workouts, runs, and eating are treating it very well.

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Sadly, cold approaching (and dating in general) isn’t exactly the best idea during this pandemic, but you still have the same 24 hours each day you normally do. Whether you work from home, still show up to your usual workplace, or lost your job (temporarily or not) to the pandemic, you have no excuse not to invest your free time into things that’ll better yourself as a man, and will consequently improve your attractiveness to the ladies.

If you want pointers on how to put your time and energy to good use during the quarantine, in ways that’ll pay off far beyond the present moment, I got you covered.

Quit porn, masturbation, and dating apps

Pretend you’re a man at war, or a monk holed up in a monastery, or a nomad lost in the wilderness, or an artist locking himself up to focus on his work. Would those men care about busting a nut?

Maybe a bit, but they have more urgent matters to attend to than releasing sexual tension into a tissue or trying to properly game Alyssa from Tinder to make her want to meet up.

Men who are alone but purposeful don’t focus on women. They focus on fortifying themselves.

Honestly, right now is an amazing time to quit these habits if you have them, because ALMOST NO ONE is getting any new lays or dates right now. The only people getting laid right now are people in relationships or marriages, and degenerates who rely on sex for a sense of self.

There is no sexuality flying through the air, making you envious that you’re missing out on it. The girls you text on dating apps will be much more apprehensive about meeting up irl unless they’re major sluts who need sex NOW, or they’re super attracted to you and are willing to wait until quarantine’s end to see you.

That’s why if you’re addicted to porn or masturbation or dating apps, right now is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to capitalize on an advantage for quitting those.


You almost certainly can’t meet girls IRL these days.

There’s next to no chance you’ll get a reward from dating apps unless you have very high preselection, or you happen to match with a slut who needs a new sex partner NOW. You’re best off deleting them.

As for porn and masturbation, train yourself not to need them. Fantasize about your success and self-actualization more than about sex.

I’ll cut this section here. I plan on writing an entire email about the benefits of quitting porn and masturbation, so look out for that one.

Get fit, optimize your diet

Physical fitness is a game-changer in every part of your life. The benefits of losing fat, gaining muscle, and training your body to move competently include:

* Looking good with or without clothes on

* Increased confidence, better overall mental health (I’ve never met a person who complains about Anxiety™ and also lifts)

* Clothes fitting better

* Better preselection because you’re more physically attractive

* More potency, more capacity to compete with other guys and to earn their respect (what guy wouldn’t respect a strong, capable body?)

* Attracting higher-quality girls and not wasting your time with low-quality ones (because honestly, if you eat nutritious food, optimize your hormones, do your cardio, and lift like a beast 3-5 days a week, you’re not doing it so you can have a better chance with low-energy girls whose belly hangs over their belt and who can’t run 20 metres without getting winded)

“But Ben, that’s so superficial.”

Physiognomy is a very real thing. I can tell everything I need to know about a girl from looking at her body. If she’s not treating her body with respect NOW, I don’t expect her ever to. The habits you create when you’re young last a lifetime, and so do their consequences.

It’s not just about how you look. It’s about how you SMELL. Visceral sexual attraction is all about hormones and neurotransmitters, and a lot of those are unconsciously picked up on.

Girls’ conscious minds may be unaware of the pheromones you give off, but their unconscious minds sure as hell notice them and tell her through her gut whether you’d be a good mate for her or not. (And yes, guys smell these things on girls too)

A lot of what I teach in my coaching is epigenetics, ways to stimulate your genes so your pheromones smell better, and so you don’t have to rely so much on “game” to attract a new girl. Her unconscious perception of you will do much of the work for you.

Fitness and healthy food are two very important ways to optimize your hormones, neurotransmitters, and pheromones.

Girls judge you by your body’s appearance and chemistry, so you might as well have a respectable one and be perceptive of what the nuances of a girl’s body really mean.

If you don’t already cook for yourself, learn to. Cook meat and eggs, and eat them with vegetables and other clean carbs. This won’t just save you money on food. Not eating processed/fast food will improve your body’s chemistry, making you more attractive on a chemical level.

Also, drink 2-3 shots of REAL olive oil every day. It’ll give your body more building blocks to create testosterone from. Doing this has been nothing but helpful for my energy.

Whether you’d go to the gym or not, get a pull-up bar. That’s literally all the equipment you need to train your entire body at home. I’m not a fitness coach (though I am a competent fitness person), so I’ll let you figure things out yourself instead of going on a tangent about this.

Take advantage of the warmer weather and go for runs, especially if you already lift weights regularly. Even if you lose a bit of your gains, the benefits of running will carry over into your weight training.

Learn a skill

I don’t have to go in depth about this one. It’s simple. You have free time. Use it to learn or develop a skill that’ll pay off for you.

Writing, coding, playing an instrument, making art, punching stuff, fixing stuff, making stuff. Those are all better ways to spend your time than watching Netflix or playing video games.

Work when you gotta

You don’t want to be a do-nothing lazy bum. Whether you work at a grocery store or on your laptop, get that bread.


Relax when you gotta

Even if you’re super type A like me, you can’t be “on” all the time.

Just a couple hours every other day of skill-building or working on a business/project = GOOD ENOUGH.

As long as you’re moving forward with your ambitions and forging yourself into a better version of yourself, you’re doing good. You don’t need to RISE AND GRIND or HUSTLE 24/7 unless you really enjoy it.

A bit of progress every day, and you’ll still do much better than the people who endlessly think and fantasize about doing real shit, but never actually get anything done.

Know that better days will come

I estimate that in 2-3 months, the spread of coronavirus will nearly halt and society will get back to functioning normally.

People will be jumping to socialize and meet new people after spending months holed up in their homes without much face-to-face social contact with peers.

And a lot of those people will be attractive, single girls who are itching to meet the right guy for them.

Which version of you do you think they’d rather meet?

The version that didn’t get much work done on himself? The one who was too scared to do anything hard or new?

Or the version who used his time in quarantine wisely, to forge himself into a more competent, attractive guy? The one who knew his potential and did the work to actualize it? The one who got a major boost in sexual energy and understanding of sexuality because he worked with me?

Those girls are rooting for you. They want you to be the guy who makes them feel more alive. They want you to be the guy who takes ownership of his life and builds an invigorating self + a world he can share with them. They want you to be the guy who’s proud of being himself.

Make those girls proud to date you!

– Ben

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