Once upon a time, men lived like men.

They conquered the world, and asked questions later.

They conquered the world, and bedded women later.

Worlds, from the societal to the personal, were run and upheld by men, and both sexes knew that to be ideal. Women simply inhabited worlds; they didn’t define them.

True gentlemen, who recognize manners and kindness as proper direction of masculinity, not suppression of it, weren’t a dying breed back then. They were the norm.

Men would spend their time in brotherhood, making moves in the physical, socioeconomic, or spiritual world. They only interacted with women for business or for pleasure. They knew their place in the world, as did women.

Most modern men… Not so much. Life’s gotten easier, and society’s gotten softer. Our roles as men and women are more blurred than ever before.

Most modern men live in worlds of women

Their lives are female-centered.

Women dominate education and childcare. Boys repress their masculinity to make their female teachers and caregivers comfortable. They lack male teachers and caregivers who, unlike women, can grow boys into men.

They become nice guy doormats because they take their female peers too seriously. They hope that persona will win them some pussy someday.

They become Alpha™ player types, still trying to win some pussy but acting like they don’t need it (emphasis on ACTING).

They become boyfriends and husbands because getting a woman and/or a consistent supply of sex is their rite of passage in becoming a man. Thus, their girlfriend or wife becomes the center of their world.

These men live in worlds of women, not worlds of men. They’re not their own men. They’re simply utilities living in women’s worlds.

This leads to MASSIVE neediness in a man, which he is often oblivious to. CONQUEST and making his life a WORLD OF MEN is the only way he can eliminate that neediness and become THE MAN women fantasize about being taken and led by.

If he just learns to navigate through a world of women, then he can bed, date, and marry women, but they will never love him. They will only use him, whether it’s for money and provision, attention, or sex.

“Women cannot love a man as he wants to be loved”? BULLSHIT. Only jaded, unmasculine men believe that.

Men and women CAN, SHOULD, and DO love each other.

Modern men’s problem is that they love women in feminine ways, through devotion and following, not through direction and leadership.

SHE’S the one who’s supposed to be devoted to you. SHE’S the one who’s supposed to look up to you and get her ego from you.

Instead, modern men worship porn stars, Twitch streamers, Instagram models, the girl who friendzoned them, the girl they have a crush on but don’t have the balls to chat up, their girlfriend or wife who doesn’t give them sex on tap, etcetera.


When you love a woman in a masculine way, through leadership and direction, being the rocky coast to her flowing sea, giving her a place in the world you’ve created, she will love you right the fuck back. She will flourish as a woman. She’ll give you the love a man deserves.

But that’ll only happen if you live in a world of men.

As I said before, you can get women if you live in a world of women. But you will never get the full spectrum of a woman’s love if so, because you have no masculine world to offer her.

Be the rare man who still lives like a man

I rewatched Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade last night. I’ll never get tired of those movies.

There is no soy in Indiana Jones’ milk. He’s THE MAN. He lives in a world of men. Never does he whine about women. Never does he read up on seduction theory. He’s always in motion, always on a mission.

When he meets Elsa and later hooks up with her, he does everything right:

* Holds his frame the whole time

* Demonstrates his interest in her in a non-needy, socially calibrated way. He’s not a doormat nor a pervert nor a dancing monkey.

* Doesn’t consider the possibility of “what if I make her uncomfortable” at all

* Really feels the sexual tension between them, doesn’t take her at face value

* Is patient, doesn’t rush things

He accomplishes all this not because he’s applying PUA theory about acting like THE MAN, but because he IS THE MAN. He’s grown up in a world of men, so he naturally knows his place in the world, and women’s. His masculinity isn’t an affectation. It’s who he GENUINELY IS.

Even in the prologue, where we get a flashback to Indy as a teenager, he’s still THE MAN on a mission. He was never a geek. He didn’t adopt his mission because he read some redpill shit like “prioritize your mission above your woman”. He adopted it because it’s something he genuinely believes in and that genuinely drives him in manhood. It triggers life force within him.

THIS is who healthy, feminine women want you to be: Not an action hero, simply a man who lives in a world of men and has purpose within it. Your missions shouldn’t just be something you do when you’re away from women. You ARE your missions. Your missions create your world, then you can invite women into it.

Modern men are conditioned to women creating their worlds, and some never outgrow this flawed way of being. They never learn how to create or exist in a world of men.

If you want to be better than that, just keep reading.

Creating worlds of men in the modern day

One thing I’m highly grateful for is that I spend my adolescence with minimal female influence. My idols were all masculine men. My friends were almost all guys. The men I learned how to be a man from were MEN, not air-conditioned, low-T soyboys.

I can always tell when a man’s had that male influence in his life vs when he hasn’t. It’s all in the vibe he gives off. And women feel this on you too.

As a teenager, I spent my time lifting and training for sports instead of chasing girls and social approval.

For school-age and teenage boys, competitive sports are THE BEST way to experience a world of men. They earn their status through physical performance, they both collaborate and compete with their teammates, and the leadership is all male. There is no soy in physical competition. Hoo rah.

If/when you have sons, get them involved in sports. The lessons they learn will pay off years, maybe even decades down the line.

For adult men of any age, have a mission that drives you for reasons besides “women will like me for this”.

The mission comes first, your social circle comes second. Be a masculine man on a mission, then you’ll naturally vibe with other masculine men pursuing their own missions. Your world of man will make other world-building men respect you.

Your friends’ masculine natures will reinforce your own.

Ditch your female friends. I told you in an earlier newsletter why female friends are almost always useless. They are INCAPABLE of being your bros. Don’t aspire to be like guys who live in worlds of women. No truly heroic man is angsting about being in some bitch’s friendzone.

“So what mission should I pursue?” You may ask.

And I may reply:

You choose your own mission(s).

You’re not your own man until you’re self-directed like that.

Learn from other men, but don’t live for their approval.

To enter and create worlds of men, you must BE THE MAN, not simply act like him.

I can teach you the way. Are you in?


– Ben

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