What comes to your mind when you think of a guy who NEEDS sex? Or at least thinks of sex as a need?

A guy who comes on too strong to the girls he talks to? Who scares them away with his needy, overly eager sexual advances?

A sexually frustrated incel who may or may not commit violent crime someday?

A big, brute caveman-ish guy who embraces his primal instinct and fucks a harem of hot women?

I hate writing intros. Let’s get to the point.

Yes, sex is a need

I know what you’re thinking.

No, you won’t die if you don’t get laid. It’s not a need in the same way food, water, and shelter are.

Isaac Newton was a virgin, and he lived to be 84.

You don’t need to have sex to be happy.

Here’s the nuance:

You won’t die if you don’t get laid, but without sex, your psychological/spiritual world will suffer.

Sex is not a physical need, but it is a psychological/spiritual one that intertwines itself with other psychological/spiritual needs: esteem, security, autonomy, connection.

And we can do irrational things when our psychological needs aren’t met: acting out, lying to ourselves or others, seeking attention and validation from people who aren’t right for us.

And often, these needs for attention, control, and validation become unhealthy sexual behavior.

You know the guys who get depressed over not getting laid. The incel guys, or a milder example: the tfw no gf guys or any sexually frustrated guy out there.

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You know the girls who do Onlyfans and online prostitution shit. And the ones who sleep around and rack up ungodly n-counts.

You know the guys and girls whose identity seems to be rooted in getting laid. They always talk about the sex they’re having, or they “subtly” imply they’re some in-demand sexual partner when they actually aren’t that hot. Get bent, poser.

Despite the obsession with sex, those people LACK strong sexual energy, and any man or woman with theirs in check doesn’t want sex with them, or even to be associated with them at all.

A high-energy hot piece of ass wouldn’t gain any sexual energy from sleeping with a low-energy poser, so they wouldn’t bother at all.

They go for the other high-energy hot pieces of ass and have amazing sex with them, and leave the low-energy posers to mingle amongst themselves, thinking they’re winning the game of sex when they’re really just fucking other losers.

Why is sex a need?

Sexuality is your purpose that precedes all others. Before you’re anything else, you’re a boy or a girl, a man or a woman.

To keep your genetic material alive past your generation, you must be a man or a woman, then attract a sexually polar complement. Otherwise, your genes die with you.

Not wanting to be male or female, to take on a man or a woman’s responsibilities, is nihilistic and destructive.

Fulfilling your sexuality is fulfilling your continued existence.

Sexuality is a need for this reason. It gives us a divine purpose in the world, to fulfill the role and responsibilities of a man or a woman. Without a proper alignment with it, we lose our life force and fall into entropy.

To quote the Book of Pook:

You still think Sexuality is a mark of depravity and evil? Do you realize how the
devil was portrayed in the ancients? Not as a goat with a trident and horns. No, the
devil was depicted as an androgynous person, completely sexless. It is sexuality
that gives the world its color, the plumage on birds, the dances of wildebeests, the
chirping of grasshoppers, and the blossom of flowers. In humans, it creates genius.
It creates families, your entire family line, your descendents, the glory of the home,
and keeps your name alive throughout generations. Sexuality is our victory over

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to engage in the full-on act of sex to satisfy this need.

Confining sexuality to the bedroom

…is the cardinal mistake people make with their sexual energy.

When the actual act of sex is the only way to validate one’s sexuality, people engage in unhealthy or deviant sexual behaviors: fetishes, kinks, sleeping with people who they lack trust and real connection with then regretting it the next day, “slump busting”, watching porn, compulsive masturbation, voyeurism, etcetera.

They’re disconnected from the true power of their sexuality.

Sexuality is a force of life and creation, not simply pleasure.

When sexual energy is properly channeled, it creates beautiful things: works, achievements, environments, individuals.

But many people aren’t aligned with their true sexual power. They lack vibrancy and life force. Their energy is dull and faded.

They’re sexually depolarized. Impotent maybe.

They think sexuality is something that happens only in the bedroom. Wrong.

Your sexuality permeates every part of yourself and your life. Align yourself with it. Embody it.

The way you dress, your body’s composition and abilities, your subtle and unsubtle behaviors, and your overall energy and vibe are all an extension of your sexuality.

When you embody sexuality and cultivate your sexual energy, you become less needy about sex. You don’t need the actual act to validate your sexuality. Your very existence validates your sexuality, even if you’re a virgin. It gives you a certain confidence no poser can dress up in.

You transmute the need for sex into a pursuit of life. You save the release only for people whose sexual energy matches up to yours, leading to better, healthier, more exciting sexual relationships. To you, subpar sex is worse than being celibate.

The Art of Living: Stoic Lessons on Making the Most of Life

The pursuit of life becomes more rewarding than the pursuit of sex, though the pursuit of life is driven by transmuted sexual energy, and sexual relationships are a byproduct of the pursuit of life.

How do I cultivate this sexual energy and channel my need for sex into the pursuit of life?

If you’re a healthy man or woman, no way in hell you’d want to be like the guys who beg girls for nudes or sexual favors, or like the girls who sleep with guys or lead them on out of boredom or a need for validation.

You want to be the opposite of a sexually needy person, who needs the ACT of sex to feel whole because they don’t cultivate sexual energy within themselves, and only gets scraps of it at best from other people.

You want to be someone who wants sex but doesn’t need it, who attracts quality partners to them simply by existing, whose sexual energy is abundant and creates amazing chemistry with other people’s.

Here’s how:

  1. Quit porn and masturbation

Porn is a drain on sexual energy. It stuffs your sexuality up in your head and misaligns it with reality. It forces you to get off on fantasy, not so much on sensation.

Quit those pixelated fantasies, and you’ll feel your sexual energy move from your brain to your entire body. Don’t release it through masturbation. Instead, let the energy build up in you and learn to handle it as it flows through your veins and shapes your body. If you release it all the time, you condition yourself to being unable to handle sexual tension, which is a must for a good sexual relationship.

2. Give your body the proper nutrients to be strong and healthy

A stronger body equals stronger genes, which equal stronger sexual energy.

Fuel your body well with food and supplements that make it strong, and it will reward you with higher levels of energy that you can channel into the pursuit of life.

3. Pursue life

Now that your mind isn’t on the idea of sexual release so much, you have way more energy to get shit done.

Create your life by your design. Bring your ideals into reality. Attract people and experiences that align with your authentic existence.

4. Find someone to have a sexual relationship with

When you properly handle your sexual energy, you won’t tolerate the possibility of shitty sex.

You’ll find yourself uninvested in people who aren’t right for you, whereas before, you may have been needy for the act of sex with anyone who isn’t ugly.

You’ll want it only with someone who has complementary energy to give to you.

And that’s why I’m here to coach you, to help you cultivate and properly express your sexual energy, so you can naturally attract the most beautiful ladies for you.

And if you don’t know what to say or do upon meeting them or getting to know them, I got you covered there too.

Work with me, and your dating world will be on a whole new level of abundant energy. No more dealing with sexual droughts.

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