Defective girls, is that what we gents are?


So why do so many modern men treat themselves that way, especially around women?

In the dating world, lost modern men tend to take on WOMEN’S ROLE, and they aren’t even aware of the masculine spirit they NEED TO EMBODY to get the best women for them.

In my last newsletter, I went over the root cause of this: Living in worlds of women. Now in this one, I’ll get into the more overt parts of it.

Men fail in seducing, or even meeting women, when…

They wonder “does she like me?” and never get anywhere with her.

They wait for her to make the first move, which she never does. They wait for her to make bold, seductive moves, but she never does.

They let her take the lead on dates and in their relationship. Then her attraction goes out the window.

They think about her night and day. They obsess over her and nearly worship her. They’re anxious about her potential disapproval.

They dress like they do for her. They earn the money they do for her. They say what they say and act how they act for her. Maybe she’s entertained and secure, but she isn’t turned on.

Does that sound like male behavior or female behavior?

Why, female, of course. All of the above is WOMEN’S ROLE in dating.

Think back to middle school, when our sex hormones most strongly beat the shit out of our maturity and rational thought.

Were the boys drawing hearts in their notebooks with their crushes’ initials? Or were the girls doing that?

Were the boys obsessed with celebrities who didn’t even know they existed, talking about how they’ll marry them someday? Or were the girls like that?

Were the boys getting into overblown relationship drama and pretending they didn’t enjoy it? Or were the girls doing that?

Were the boys deliberately being hot and cold with the girls they liked? Or were the girls that way?

Now we’re adults, and the boys are acting like girls!

They’re jerking off to porn stars, Twitch girls, and Instagram girls who they’ll never meet!

They’re begging the universe to send a girlfriend their way someday!

They’re writing entire essays about how sad they are that girls don’t like them!

Pathetic! Where’s the masculine spirit in these guys? The lust for life? The will to take what they want and ask questions later?

THE MAN doesn’t stress over whether a woman likes him. He makes his move on her, and if she ain’t into him, he shrugs it off and finds one who is. 3.5 billion women in the world and he’ll lose his shit over one potential rejection? No way.

THE MAN is unapologetic about meeting new women and living in sexual tension. He knows that he’s THE MAN who thrives in sexual tension, and that women LOVE sexual tension.

THE MAN grabs the woman’s hand and leads her on an adventure. He doesn’t wait for her to start something. It’s his world and she’s just living in it.

THE MAN’s world is by his design. Women lack the authority to create it. He brings the right women into it and shuts the wrong ones out.

THE MAN isn’t a female-designed, female-led pet creature with a penis. He’s a testosterone-driven MAN, a sexual complement to the estradiol-driven women.

Do you have this masculine spirit, or do you lack it?

If you lack it, don’t get down on yourself. Plenty of men before you have gone from a guy who’s unsure of himself and is a sexual dud to the ladies, to a man who embodies masculinity and gets the ladies following his lead.

No prescribed dating advice can develop it in you as well as one-on-one work with a coach can. Traditionally, men have learned to be men, and how to act with women from other men, not from women or reading.

Your problem isn’t that you look the wrong way. You may not FEEL the wrong way. Attractive, vibrant masculine energy can’t be faked. Only low-quality women buy into fake versions of it.

But when it’s legitimate and a woman feels it on you…

She’ll enjoy that, to say the least.

C u l8r

– Ben

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