Biochemistry – the first fundamental of attraction (part 1: How much do looks matter to women?)

Of the three fundamentals of sexual attraction, biochemistry is the one most closely in your control.

It’s a no-brainer that it’s easier for physically attractive men to get physically attractive women, and to attract any woman. Less good-looking men have to compensate harshly through the other two fundamentals – positioning and psychology.

However, your looks and the first impressions you make are more malleable than you may think.

These are non-negotiable improvements you must make if you want the best possible dating life you can get.

I have a lot to say about testosterone and pheromones, so I’m dedicating part 2 to them. Part 1 is solely about biochemistry’s visual factors – your looks, to put it more simply.

Why looks matter

Looks matter because of what they communicate. We all rightfully judge people by how they look, even if we believe the bullshit idea that “looks don’t matter”.

Most things you need to know about someone, you can see in their looks and feel in their overall energy: How fit and healthy they are, their age, their level of intelligence, their vibe, their tribe, and most importantly, their genetic fitness – how strong their genes are.

Strong genes are genes that can adapt and survive. They’re not easily wiped out or threatened by life’s adversities. We’re more naturally, viscerally attracted to people with strong genes than those with weak genes.

In men, this fitness is strength and potency.

In women, it’s beauty.

That’s why a man’s flawed looks are more forgivable than a woman’s. He can compensate with other forms of potency. In the dating world, flawed looks are a major disadvantage to women.

The woman’s womb is the environment where people develop in their first 9 months of existence. Her entire physical body showcases her fertility and genetic health. Men are viscerally turned on by young, healthy, pure women for that reason.

Healthy woman = high chance of proper child development and strong offspring, almost certain fertility. These women have a certain healthy, feminine glow to them that can’t be faked. To get them, you must have the masculine equivalent of this.

To any ladies reading this – keep yourself in shape, eat clean and healthy foods while avoiding processed bullshit, don’t smoke or do drugs (even prescription or OTC drugs), drink alcohol minimally if at all, don’t use hormonal birth control, and you’ll get prettier. Inner health becomes outer health, and better health for you = better health for your babies.

Unhealthy woman = higher risk of birth defects, weak offspring, or infertility. These women are only appealing to genetically damaged, similarly unhealthy men.

Carrying children obviously isn’t men’s job, so men can afford some missteps in their physical health, but they should still keep their biochemistry in check.

Protection, provision, and energy cultivation is their nature-given job.

So gents, don’t worry too much about looking perfect. Strength and potency are your male equivalent to female beauty. Strong, masculine men get beautiful, feminine women. Model looks are a nice little bonus for some guys, but they’re not at all what makes or breaks your manhood.

How much does height really matter?

As a preselection factor, it matters moderately. If you’re a shorter guy, then some girls will reject you or be apprehensive about getting to know you purely for that, even if they’re attracted to your other qualities.

If you’re a taller guy, girls will notice you more quickly and be more receptive to you at first impression.

It’s no secret that height is an advantage in getting girls.

Clint Walker: Salute to a He-Man
6’6″ Clint Walker. Do you think any girl would turn this guy down?

Beyond preselection, its value lessens as other things take over, but height is a symptom of something important – physical presence.

Women like tall, large, physically dominant, physically present men because those men can potentially beat the fuck out of other men (force = mass x acceleration) and steal their women, resources, and lives. They’re quicker to take what they want instead of waiting for the world to give it to them. Physically weak, timid men don’t inspire that feeling of safety in women, plus their genes are weaker.

Height is a shortcut to embodying that physical presence, but it’s only one indicator of masculine strength and potency. Short men get women when their masculine energy compensates for their height.

The best thing short men can do to build physical presence is to develop their instinct/capacity for violence. Men who are comfortable with violence have a certain edge to them that other men don’t. Have some beastly workouts and take up a combat sport. Get yourself acquainted with physical violence between men. Along with triggering confidence, this will trigger pheromonal changes in your biochemistry.

Martial Arts Film Star Bruce Lee's Fame Rose After His Untimely ...
Do you think Bruce Lee gave a shit that he was 5’7″?

Short men should also be aggressive and confident to get noticed. Not always in terms of violence. Simply being outgoing and unafraid to meet new people is enough – not only that, OUTGOINGNESS AND LACK OF SOCIAL SHAME ARE MUST-HAVES IF YOU’RE A SHORT GUY. A shy tall man can get noticed by women despite his shyness (though he’ll still need game and confidence to seal the deal), but a shy short man will inevitably fade into the background and be unremarkable.

What about muscles?

They matter just like height does. A muscular body denotes masculinity and physical potency.

Guys without muscles can score if they have other things going for them (ex. height, social status, charm), but like height, a muscular body is a bonus attractiveness booster and a confidence booster. It may also be the deciding factor in whether a girl wants to be with you.

(Though also like height, a muscular body without the masculine energy to match it won’t do shit to attract any women. If a guy’s jacked but also super needy, he won’t get many women)

Girls say they don’t care for muscles, but jacked guys have the most eventful dating lives. I’m no exception. My dating life was at its most eventful when I was most jacked (and I’m in the process of getting back there, so ladies, get ready to get your hearts broken).

This is what my Tinder looked like when I was at my heaviest

Muscles obviously matter because they give a guy physical presence and the ability to beat the fuck out of other guys. Jacked guys get noticed more than scrawny or fat guys do, and their appearances communicate more physical capacity than those other guys’ do.

Muscles also matter because they masculinize your body’s chemical composition, and we’ll get into more about that in part 2. They give your body a higher baseline level of testosterone, which carries over into your pheromones.

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