Biochemistry – the first fundamental of attraction (part 2: testosterone and pheromones)

Your body’s superficial appearance matters with women, but what matters even more is your body’s chemistry. It will literally make or break how attractive you are to them. It’s the difference between her feeling a visceral, instinctive “he’s fuckable” feeling with you, and her being unconsciously disgusted by you.

Your body is more malleable than you may think. Certain characteristics of it are unchangeable, but much of it is in your control.

What you can’t change:

  • Your age
  • Your ethnicity
  • Your height and bone structure
  • Some hair loss
  • Certain medical conditions

What you can change:

  • Body composition
  • Bone density
  • Muscle mass
  • Hormone balance + pheromones
  • Tissue health and strength
  • Some hair loss
  • Masculinization (or lack thereof)
  • Certain medical conditions

Some physical flaws of yours will persist no matter what you do, and you just have to live with that. Perfect is boring though. Just build up your positive traits, and they may very well eclipse your negative ones.

The more aligned with nature’s design your biochemistry is…

The more attractive women you can “afford”. Women with strong genes naturally select men with strong genes. Women with weaker genes naturally settle for men with weak genes.

The most key variable in your biochemistry is:


You certainly know this hormone. It’s literally the thing that makes you a man.

Testosterone is the difference between being one of these guys:

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And one of these guys:

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Every physical feature of yours that will attract women is shaped by testosterone: skin and hair texture, chiseled features, body composition/chemistry, and scent.

Benefits of optimal testosterone levels include:

  • An easy time gaining muscle mass and losing fat
  • Strong, dense bones
  • A drive to conquer, a hunger to achieve and rise up in the world
  • A healthy sex drive
  • Low likelihood of anxiety or depression
  • Emotional control, psychological resilience, a sense of purpose and well-being, and not being quick to anger (contrary to popular belief, testosterone does NOT induce violent aggression. It actually calms and invigorates men)

Men with low testosterone tend to:

  • Not get many results from working out
  • Have weak bone density and a higher risk of fractures
  • Prefer escaping into fantasy over doing real-world shit
  • Be stuck in the motions of life, not feel motivated to break out of mundane routine
  • Want sex but not be driven to get it
  • Bitch about their feelings and problems instead of doing something about them
  • Be moody and often feel malaise, maybe even have fits of uncontrollable rage and anger (imagine a kid in an adult body having a tantrum)

Which category would you rather be in?


Testosterone gives men potency and power, which carries over into their looks and overall biochemistry. A man is nothing without his potency. A man cannot be attractive to women if he lacks that potency, just like women cannot be attractive to men if they lack beauty.

Men’s looks aren’t judged by prettiness and delicacy. Strength and power are the source of a man’s attractiveness.

Strong, powerful men are more biologically attractive than weak, impotent men, regardless of height, age, weight, ethnicity, etc. Like we’ve already gone over, women want men with strong genes.

And the smell of testosterone on a man is a pheromonal cue that he has those strong genes.

Without the proper testosterone, a man can be male, but lack manhood.

Sometimes when I’m out, I’ll see someone in the distance and not be able to tell if they’re male or female. Then I get a little closer to them, and I see they’re a guy with low testosterone.

Sad. That’s no way for a man to be. Testosterone is ESSENTIAL for a man’s well-being.

Plenty of cases of anxiety or depression in men are actually undiagnosed low testosterone. Give those men testosterone, and watch their anxiety/depression fade away.

If you worry your testosterone is sub-optimal, here are some ways to get it up, all of which I implement in my own life and get great results from:

  • Get healthy fats and cholesterol in your diet. Those are GOOD for you. They’re the building blocks for your testosterone. Without them, your body doesn’t have the proper materials from which to create your male sex hormones. I personally take 2-3 shots of REAL olive oil every day and this has done wonders for my energy levels.
  • Avoid testosterone-lowering foods. Ditch processed, sugary bullshit. Stick to eating whole foods – meat, animal products, vegetables, fruit, grains, and nuts.
  • Sleep well. Getting little to no sleep every night MURDERS your testosterone production.
  • Season your food with turmeric. It’s a potent antioxidant and anti-estrogen, and it keeps your balls healthy.
  • Talk to attractive women and associate with masculine men. Your testosterone will rise around them.
  • Avoid porn, masturbate irregularly. Daily or near-daily masturbation, especially to porn, drains you of masculine sexual energy, though doing it without porn once a week at most (if you’re otherwise celibate) isn’t as much of a drain. Still, if you have a girl in your life, save your ejaculation for when you’re with her.
  • Try semen retention, though ejaculating during sex is actually a net positive. It’s up to you how often you want to ejaculate during sex.
  • Take fish oil. It has plenty of benefits for your hormones.
  • Eat 3-4 brazil nuts a day (not more than that, because you could get selenium poinsoning). Their selenium aids testosterone production, and many guys are deficient in selenium.
  • Take boron. I personally saw an improvement in my bone density when I started taking it.
  • Try fasting. You can go as long as 48-72 hours per fast, or you can do intermittent fasting (Eat only during 8 hours every day, then go 16 hours without eating). My preferred fasting method is 24-30 hour fasts once in a while.
  • Get some sun, and DON’T use sunscreen. There’s nothing masculine about pasty skin that’s spent all its life indoors or covered up, and sunscreen is an estrogenic endocrine disruptor. Your skin adapts via hormesis to the sun. Small doses of sun exposure over time fortify it against sun damage. Supplement with vitamin D in the spring, fall, and winter.

Finally, a very important one: Put on muscle mass. The more muscle mass your body has, the higher baseline level of testosterone it requires to maintain that muscle mass.

This leads to a positive feedback loop of testosterone: More muscle mass > more testosterone > more muscle mass > more testosterone

Lifters who use steroids lose their gains easily when they get off the steroids, because their testosterone came from outside their body. But natty lifters hold on to their gains because of that positive feedback loop of testosterone.

Working out releases higher-than-baseline levels of testosterone into your bloodstream, but having muscle and strength ensures a higher baseline of T even when you’re idle.

Women aren’t viscerally attracted to men who aren’t influenced by their testosterone, no matter what game those men pull.

The closest thing to a quick fix you can get for your attractiveness to women is a boost in testosterone and muscle mass. However, this is only one aspect of what makes a man attractive. A man who’s high-T but needy, unsuccessful, unambitious, and psychologically damaged will still get mediocre women at best.

And men who have little to no testosterone in them can say goodbye to any chance of attracting a woman in the first place.

Pheromones and bodily chemistry

An increase in testosterone makes men attractive on a sexually polar level, but beyond that, individual compatibility is determined more by bodily chemistry.

Here’s what I mean by that: Your body’s chemical composition is affected by what it consumes and creates. People with similar chemical compositions attract each other.

I’ve already written about pheromones: chemical messengers that unconsciously communicate your genetic health and fitness to people around you, especially potential sexual partners.

Pheromones that communicate strong, adaptive genes will smell attractive to women and viscerally arouse them. Pheromones that communicate weak, stagnant genes will disgust them.

Game does matter with the ladies, but…

When a girl isn’t chemically attracted to you, even the best game in the world won’t make her want to be with you. When a girl is chemically attracted to you, even mediocre game will work wonders with her.

(There’s psychological factors at play too, but we’ll get into them later)

There’s plenty you can do to improve the quality of your genetic material, and consequently, your pheromones and your level of biochemical attractiveness to women:

Getting fit and putting on muscle mass – because of the increase in testosterone and physical capabilities.

Eating clean food, giving your body all the nutrients it needs – because your body won’t expend energy on processing unnatural foods that lack nutrients, and that energy gets freed up for all its other processes. With proper nutrition comes proper balance in hormones and neurotransmitters, which drastically affect your biochemical attractiveness.

Not doing recreational, prescription, or OTC drugs – drugs mess up your body’s proper chemical balance and take it further from nature’s design for it.

Learning violence – again, an increase in testosterone and the capacity to defend women from physical threats.

Creating and moving, being of status in a social body – this leads to higher serotonin levels, which I’m certain girls smell on you. They want guys with high serotonin levels because they denote high social status and comfortable living.

Differences: Male / Female figures – I Draw Fashion

The more your male body is aligned with nature’s design for it, the more strong, masculine, and objectively attractive you will be. Same for women – the more their female bodies are aligned with nature’s design for them, the more beautiful, nurturing, and objectively attractive they will be.

There’s many more variables here, but it would take too long to get into them all. Your job, your psychology, your personality and character traits, your talents, your age, and plenty more things all affect your chemistry and your pheromones. Physiognomy is a hell of a thing.

Pheromones are one of a woman’s best means to size up a man, even if she’s not consciously aware of them. Pheromones don’t lie. She unconsciously smells who you truly are. Men who fake themselves to get in her pants won’t keep her attention for long, as she’ll smell the incongruities on them.

Optimizing your biochemistry is a MUST when it comes to attracting women, but there’s little point to it if you never actually meet any women. It’s like buying a Ferrari but keeping it in your garage 24/7.

After you get your body in check, you must find yourself a position in the world where you can thrive and attract women to.

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