What really makes women loyal

Here’s the dealio:

Women are loyal to value, not to values.

It’s a harsh truth for plenty of us gents, for sure.

I was disillusioned when I realized just how ruthless women can be, because they don’t understand virtues like honesty, honor, valor, courage, etc like we men do.

Women can say one thing then do another with no consequences, but if a man breaks his word, he’s dishonorable, less of a man.

Maybe you’ve always had your heart in the right place – considering other people’s wants and needs, cultivating your intellect, having a moral code for yourself…

Then you watched as the girls went for seemingly any guy but you, just because he’s tall and cool.

Women are loyal to value, not to values.

Values don’t create sexual attraction. VALUE does – a physically capable, present body that can dominate other men viscerally arouses women. Being of status in a social body makes them comfortable openly associating with you. The right game excites them emotionally.

Values are necessary to maintain your sexual relationships and to screen out women who aren’t right for you, but they’re not what gets women dripping wet for you. They’re not what gets women loyal to you.

The truth about women’s values

Women’s values aren’t internally set like men’s are. They’re assimilated from social body and its demands. They have a much tougher time going against the social norm than men do.

And this is for good reason.

Women barely exist outside of social body. Men can be sovereign to an extent that women aren’t capable of.

Women’s natural role is to support and nurture, not lead and fight like men. Women have more to lose from being disagreeable than men do – social status, pleasing the men around them, etc.

Give a woman the right man, and his values will become hers. Like a mirror, she’ll reflect him. The most dominant men define the world around them.

That’s why you should worry about YOUR OWN values, not women’s.

“Waaaah women are ruthless and hypergamous and dishonest” LOSER TALK.

Build your value from your values.

That’s the whole point of having them in the first place. Your values and natural male idealism are supposed to drive you to create, to achieve, to connect with other men and do great things with them.

This VALUE is what makes you a worthy man, not simply the values behind it.

Expecting values by themselves to attract women is a LOSER MINDSET. Values are worthless if you’re not making moves in the world to actualize them.

Women don’t care about your abstract ideals. They only care about what you ACTUALLY ARE.

You’ll only get mad at women for being women if you’re not man enough to get or retain one.

Do you think jacked, high-status, charismatic men complain about female nature?

Or are they too busy enjoying women to complain about them?

Women are loyal to value, not to values.

Build your value before worrying about women. It’s a win-win dynamic!

The more you improve yourself, the more you’ll like yourself with or without women in the picture. The less needy you’ll be.

This is what a man’s gotta do. Not just to get women. But to be happy with himself as a man, to really be in control of his life, instead of being at the mercy of external circumstances.

Consequently, women will pick up on your strong, masculine, positive energy and want to bathe in it. They’ll like being around you more, because you have more to offer obviously.

Women aren’t mean-spirited or disrespectful for being loyal to value, not to values.

You’re being mean and disrespectful to yourself when you refuse to build your own value.

For your body – gain muscle, lose fat, get capable, eat good food while avoiding bad food, give your body all the nutrients it needs to function optimally, and get your hormones and gut health in order.

For your lifestyle/positioning – work on projects that make you feel alive, give to the world, connect with other guys who share your values, get money, and put your ideals into existence.

For your psychology and understanding of the dating world – Work with me. I’ve seen it all. I know how it all works. I’m your teacher for Sexology 101.


– Ben

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