What’s really going on in Tomi Lahren’s dating life

Did you see Tomi Lahren’s recent rant about dating?

I’m watching it right now, and picking up on so many things she’s unaware of in her and her friends’ dynamics with men.

Most strikingly, how low her vibration is.


190 – pride, superiority, arrogance

180 – antagonism, criticism, discontent, complaint, blame  

Most people (especially the guys in the comments who wish they could fuck her) don’t notice this, but I do.

When low vibration is all you know, it seems normal, like it’s how the entire world works.


She refers to herself as a “woman of value”

“that’s not me being a bitch… that’s me having a standard, in which I expect from people. I do have high standards and high expectations…”

Words. Only words. Don’t focus on what she’s saying. Focus on the energy and intentions behind it.

She’s attempting to assert superiority here, to separate herself from women she sees as beneath her.

Here’s the truth:

Your dating life will bend to the standards you have for it

High-quality, high-vibration men naturally avoid women like Tomi, and vice versa.

If you’re a man who wants a pleasant, feminine woman, does Tomi appeal to you? Hell no, I assume!

Yes, she’s objectively hot, but only objectively. Her low-frequency vibration makes her unappealing to men above that frequency.

So while she SAYS she has high standards, the realities of her dating life speak the truth.

If you’re chronically unable to find a quality partner, it’s because you aren’t of that quality yourself.

Quality people are EVERYWHERE, unless you’re living in the middle of buttfuck nowhere. To attract quality, you must be on its level of existence.

Tomi’s words make me flash back to my early dating life, when I claimed to have standards. Again, just words. The broken girls I actually went for showed the truth.

If you actually have high standards, you’ll automatically reject people beneath them. This isn’t even a conscious process. It happens naturally and smoothly.

I like to say – What you complain about is what you tolerate. High-quality people don’t complain about dealing with low-quality people because their reality doesn’t align with that of low-quality peoples’.

6:25 – “I am really so sick of my friends having to deal with trash men. I am tired of dealing with trash men.”

Look. If you constantly deal with trash people and rarely with ones you respect, something about YOU is off. You don’t accidentally associate with the people you associate with.

The men out there who actually have high standards are actively avoiding women like Tomi, or giving them a shot but soon bowing out of interacting with them when their true selves become apparent. Being objectively hot ain’t enough for them. Their women need to have pleasant, high vibrations too.

Tomi may have her biochemistry and positioning in check, but for more than brief, unsatisfying dalliances, she’s gotta get her psychology in check.

Now let’s get into one more problem Tomi and her friends are facing.

Unfortunate biological realities for the older ladies

7:00 – “Please do not mix in people like me and my friends who have something going on, with your other girls that have nothing going on”

8:17 – “There’s a lot of women out there, that are my good friends, who have amazing jobs, who work really hard, but can’t seem to find a decent guy, even if they go up in age 5-10-15 years, because those guys all want to be with 21-year-olds who have nothing going on.”

Sorry Tomi, sorry Tomi’s friends, but those guys are picking the 21-year-olds over you for a reason – BIOCHEMICAL ATTRACTION.

Younger women are simply more attractive and less jaded than older women are.

And women may assume professional/financial success makes them more attractive to men, but male attractiveness isn’t measured by the same metrics as female attractiveness.

As a gent, I don’t give a shit about a woman’s career or ambitions or interests or whatever.

I want to know:

* Does she take care of her body, inside and out? (real beauty starts from within!)

* Is she pleasant and generous?

Everything else is secondary. Don’t get me wrong, everything matters – intelligence, height (I prefer taller girls, to be honest. I know that’s not typical for guys), political affiliation, hobbies and interests, career ambitions, her fashion sense, etc. But without a pretty, in-shape body and pleasant, feminine energy, I won’t even consider her as a partner.

Being above 25 as a woman isn’t a death sentence in the dating world, but only in rare cases does a woman’s biochemical attractiveness at 30 surpass hers at 20.

All other things considered equal, any man would prefer an 18-year-old above a 28-year-old above a 38-year-old.

(This is THE WALL that jaded redpill guys love to point out)

What REALLY goes on when a woman hits the wall is this – Her spiritual world shows itself in her looks. This is how nature tests women. Are they woman enough to preserve their beauty and act like women should? Or have they polluted it with unpleasantness and selfishness?

Women who look better at 30 or older than at 18-25 look that way because their outer appearance is a reflection of their internal world. Physiognomy and all that jazz.

Women above 25 or even 30 absolutely can attract quality men and have great relationships with them, but it takes more than good looks and social status, as Tomi Lahren is learning the hard way.

People who ARE the entire package (biochemistry, positioning, psychology) will ALMOST NEVER settle for someone who isn’t the entire package too.

Tomi and her friends want men who are the entire package, but as long as they themselves are missing parts of that package, incomplete men and incomplete relationships are all they’ll attract.

And the successful, high-status men they want will pick the fresh and fertile 21-year-old young women over biochemically decaying late-20s-or-older women.

Because why settle for less attractive options than you can get?

Hard, jaded late-20somethings?

Or soft, wide-eyed early 20somethings?

And if you want to be a guy with options like the guys Tomi complains about, not a desexed Joe Schmoe who isn’t even on girls’ radar…

Work with me. Let’s expand your understanding of the dating world.

Grow your value,

– Ben

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