Watches and women

I’m a watch enthusiast. I used to collect them. (and by “collect”, I mean “impulsively buy”)

I rarely wore most of them when my collection was at its biggest, only my 3 favourites got all the wrist time.

So when I got into minimalism/decluttering, I sold or gave away all of them except my first ever watch, plenty of sentimental value.

Then I left the that one at my mom’s while wearing a Timex Marlin.

And a couple months later, I got bored of only having that one watch in my rotation, and since I was obsessed with minimalism, I decided to be highly conscientious about which watches I’d buy. I traded the Marlin for another watch, sold that watch, and bought two that I still wear today.

Here’s why I chose those two, and why my watch hobby parallels what you can expect with women.

Trial and error

I learned that metal and leather straps are the only straps I like on a watch. I’m not big on NATO straps, and rubber or velcro only appeal to me if they’re on a digital watch (and I prefer analog).

I learned that I’m not a fan of Arabic numerals, and would rather have Roman numerals or just rectangular/circular indicators, and that any case size above 40mm is too big for me, and that I can enjoy a watch as small as 34mm. 36-38mm is the sweet spot for me.

I learned that I prefer date windows on watches with metal straps, not so much with leather straps.

This parallels my, and likely your, experience with the ladies.

Through dating, even just meeting plenty of them, I learned which types complement me best, which types I enjoy the most, what I can and can’t tolerate in a girl.

I still haven’t sold or given away my first ever one. Much like you never forget your first love.

I sometimes wish I could have the Marlin back, kind of like if you get bored in a monogamous relationship, go back to casual dating, then wish you could have that girl back, nostalgiaing over what used to be.

I’m happy I don’t have all those other watches anymore. Like the mediocre thots I used to have in my life, I bought them for the sake of buying them. And when my standards got more solid, the mediocre thots, mediocre watches went bye bye.

I decided to have a few good ones, not just one, not a huge collection. 2-3 ones that suit me well.

Because I trial-and-errored watches on my wrist, I have a solid, proven idea of which ones suit me best. Because I trial-and-errored my way through dates or even just casually meeting girls…

Now here’s where watches differ from women. Women are people and watches are material things, obviously.

Beneath surface-level compatibilities, there’s plenty about a woman that can grow or decay you, and plenty about you that can grow or decay her. You’re not just fashion accessories for each other.

Selecting a watch for yourself is much like selecting a woman, but the sex, fling, and/or relationship that comes after the initial stages of courtship is nothing like wearing a watch day by day.

Work with me, and I’ll help you become a better selector and a better partner.

And if you’re also into watches, feel free to show and tell me about yours.

– Ben

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