The perks of drinking REAL OLIVE OIL

Here’s a little something you may or may not have seen me tweet about:


Real olive oil will make you strong. It’s the #1 dietary testosterone and wellness-booster I have to recommend.

Olive oil is fantastic for your testosterone

Studies show that it increases a man’s testosterone by 17-20%. That’s significant.

Here’s why:

Olive oil is packed with cholesterol. And that’s exactly the type of building block your body needs to produce testosterone. The more cholesterol it has to create testosterone from = The more testosterone it’ll likely produce.

Without an adequate fat intake, your body won’t have the right raw materials from which to synthesize testosterone.

In fact, fat intake should make up 30% of your total daily calories. That’s surprised me. That much? Really?

But it’s legit.

The more olive oil I drink a day, the better I perform when I train, the more energetic I feel, the less brain fog I have, and the more calm and collected I am.

Hoo rah. I expect you to see the same benefits.

Of course, you gotta drink it straight

You won’t get olive oil’s T-boosting benefits if you just cook with it, as I’ve learned the hard way. Heating it up wrecks its nutritional value.

Instead (or alongside cooking with it), pour some into a shot glass and drink it straight. You can drink spoonfuls of it too if you don’t have a shot glass, which has worked for me.

I find my optimal dosage is a shot and a half with my first meal of the day, then another shot with my last meal of the day.

Try out low doses, then raise them slowly, and see what amount per day works best for you.

And remember to get the real stuff, not the fake stuff on many grocery store shelves, that’s diluted with vegetable oils and other garbage.

And here’s how it affects your results with the ladies

Your level of testosterone MASSIVELY affects how you come off to women.

The more masculinity you embody, the more femininity-embodying women you’ll naturally attract.

It’s not just in your muscles. Higher levels of testosterone masculinize your body’s chemical composition, and your pheromones, making you SMELL BETTER to women, even on an unconscious level.

And this pheromone augmentation will make your experience in attracting women, and being more of a man, much smoother.

Try it out. Down some REAL olive oil, and see how much more masculine you feel. How much calmer and more in control you feel. How much more of a leader you feel like around the ladies and the gents.

If you’re tired, sluggish, feel like you lack assertiveness and masculine energy, a low-fat diet could be the underlying cause. Cholesterol and saturated fats are GOOD for you, even NECESSARY for optimal health, unlike what mainstream medical advice wants you to believe.

By the way, here are some more benefits of drinking this elixir of the Gods.


Optimizing your biochemistry is only one fundamental of three. You also need you positioning and psychology in order so you can capitalize on the potency optimal biochemistry gives you.

I’m here to help you become the man you can and should be.

Drink some real olive oil today, gents,

– Ben

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