10 EASY ways to be a more attractive man

Wassup, gents. You single gents especially.

It’s always on your mind – Why do some men GET women while others don’t?

What makes some men absolute CHICK MAGNETS, even if they don’t have the finest looks or the nicest clothes and cars? And what makes other men absolutely UNNOTICED by women? Even if they try to do everything right, why do they still fail in the dating world?

If you want to be on women’s sexual radar, listen up. Life is always better as an attractive, sexual man than as an impotent, desexed one.

These tricks aren’t the entire picture, but they CAN and DO work. Try them out, and feel free to let me know how they go for ya!

10 EASY ways to be a more attractive man

The tricks I’m about to tell you are nothing Herculean. They don’t require years of hard work to pull off. They’re simple, mundane things that any man can do to increase his sexual value.

Read on to learn these easy tricks on how to be an attractive man.

1. Graphic tees – Ditch em!

You’re a man now, so dress like one.

Understand that your fashion choices communicate PLENTY about you! You can’t skimp on this part of your appearance!

Which man do you think comes off as more mature and masculine to the ladies, and to anyone?

Graphic Tees - Men's Spider-man Tee (White) | SNIPES


Men Crew Neck T-Shirt made of cotton blend white 01.242490-0001-0001 | Seidensticker

Or him?

Look, you could get away with dressing a bit sloppy when you were 20 and younger. No one expected you to be super successful or super mature that early in life, so you could afford dressing a bit like a kid. No one judged you poorly for wearing your Metallica t-shirt. We were all still figuring ourselves out and defining ourselves by things outside our control.

You’re allowed to enjoy the things you did as a kid. You’re allowed to be excited for new superhero movies and to blow off some steam playing video games once in a while. You’re allowed to be a fan of your favourite bands, and to buy t-shirts with aesthetically pleasing images on them.

But if you’re in your 20s or older – Your identity needs to be defined by better things than what you consume. You have real responsibilities and aspirations now (at least I hope you do!) Your clothes must reflect that. You should wear your clothes. Your clothes shouldn’t wear you.

You’re a man, not a billboard! Wear plain or patterned tees, not graphic ones. It’s a sign of maturity.

Save the Captain America and Batman tees for the gym and when you’re lounging at home. You don’t have to be refined when you’re somewhere you have to sweat, or when you’re relaxing in front of the TV after a long day. You don’t have to throw out the graphic tees, just understand there’s a time and a place for them as an adult man.

2. Tip well and be generous!

Generosity is sexy.

Penny-pinching is ugly.

When I go out to drink or eat, I always tip at least 20%. Because why not?

I buy a coffee for $3.60. Barista gives me $1.40 back. The change goes into the tip jar. Because why not? What’s the difference between $3 and $5 beyond the few seconds I spend holding the change?

You go out for a meal that costs $20. Plus tip, it’s $24. Not a huge difference!

Think about what that subcommunicates – That you’re not selfish, that you’re willing to give for the sake of giving, not just to get something in return. That’s what healthy relationships are built on!

And if you’re desperate to hold on to just a few dollars, you’re either super broke or super selfish. Being broke is understandable, but being selfish – that won’t lead to anything good.

Generosity is sexy, gents.

It’s sexy in a lady too! And embodying generosity will naturally attract similarly good-natured ladies to you.

3. Wear shoes that suit you!

Here’s another fashion-related one.

No woman looks at a man and thinks – “He’s wearing the same worn-out sneakers he’s had since high school, that’s so fucking hot!”

Be conscientious about your footwear, gents. Because believe me, the ladies notice!

Wearing the right or wrong shoes will make or break your archetypal aesthetic, and consequently, the fantasy it triggers in the women you want.

You’re a rugged, outdoorsy type who can’t stand air conditioning and would rather get dirty than be comfortable? Wear rugged boots and shoes specifically designed to take a beating, not some beat-up running shoes you got at Walmart 5 years ago.


You’re an ambitious business type who loves to work and make powerful connections? Wear refined, sleek shoes that communicate no nonsense.

You’re an artistic, creative type whose imagination is constantly on fire? Wear shoes that align with your soul, that maybe are a bit beat up (which adds to the aesthetic), but that still communicate masculine strength and potency!

There’s no one proper archetype of manhood. You can cultivate your masculinity in sports, arts, business, service, patriotism, teaching, etc. Or even a combination of any of those!

Your clothing should reflect the type of man you are, and your shoes are an IMPERATIVE part of your look. Find your strengths, and show them in your fashion sense.

4. Know when to say “no”!

Women are used to men bending over backwards to please them, trying to covertly win sex from them, and agreeing with everything they say because they’re scared of a woman’s disapproval.

Where is their backbone? Their real masculine power?

Set yourself apart from those weaklings!

You are your own man! You exist to create your own world, not to be a utility in women’s.

When a woman disrespects or leaves a man or says something he disagrees with, how many men are thrown by it, sent reeling to find a way to appease her, to efface themselves with the intention of winning her back?

And how many men refuse to tolerate that disrespect? Who’d rather have the woman get the fuck out of their sphere with no arguing or bargaining, than try to figure out a way to change her? Who’d rather find a woman who ALREADY fits them, than settle for one they hope to change?

When a woman doesn’t answer a man’s message, how many men freak out? How many men text her again and again like a needy bitch, hoping she’ll reply and end up on a date with them?

And how many men just let her go? How many men figure that if she’s not super excited to be with them, they should just forget her and find another woman?

There is a ton of power in being willing to let women go. And consequently, maintaining your boundaries and a standard of respect for yourself will attract women who have similarly strong boundaries and standards of respect.

Needy men who lack self-control will always settle for needy women who lack self-control.

5. Stop trying to be perfect and stoic!

Perfect is boring!

Real human connection doesn’t happen when glamorous perfection meets glamorous perfection.

It happens when genuine humanity meets genuine humanity.

Don’t assume you have to be a stoic, gruff, brooding hardass 100% of the time to be masculine. You won’t come off as tough. You’ll come off as BORING.

We men feel our feelings and have our emotional side. Let’s not deny that. Our emotions are MASCULINE.

Is the pride of teaching a student and seeing them GET IT feminine?

Is the hunger to rise up in the world, no matter what it takes, feminine?

Is the creativity of writing a song or drawing a beautiful picture feminine?

Is the love we feel for our brothers, our women, our community, and our family feminine?


We men are as emotional as women are! We just process our emotions differently than they do.

I’m not some perfect Chad of a man. I’m just a guy with his strengths and flaws, his attractive traits and his rough edges.

And so are you. Let yourself be yourself.

6. Eat a raw onion every day!

This works, trust me.

7. Talk less, listen more!

Being charismatic isn’t about being interesting, as much as making other people feel interesting.

Next time you talk to a girl, let things flow naturally, and hold back a bit with the self-disclosure. Yes, drop some interesting things about yourself, but you don’t want to be the guy who jumps to tell the girl his entire life story.

We don’t tend to value things that come to us with no effort. If a guy gives a girl his attention and self-disclosure way too easily, that sucks the fun and tension out of it for her.

Instead, let her talk. Let her share herself. Let her feel comfortable opening herself up to you. And genuinely be interested in her. Don’t settle for a girl who bores or underwhelms you just to have SOMEONE.

8. Get a dog!

Chicks dig dogs.

Take that good boy (or girl) out for a walk and watch how many girls throw their panties your way.

8 Things That Happen When You're A Single Guy With A Dog | 3 ...

Few things are a better chick magnet than a lovable furry friend.

9. Grow your facial hair out a bit!

Anecdotally, I notice I tend to get more receptive reactions from unfamiliar girls when I go at least a week or two without shaving my face.

And early in my dating life, I had an interesting week during a no-shave November. Take a guess as to why.

Is that your experience?

Girls don’t always admit this, but they find facial hair sexy.

This isn’t an absolute. Individual preferences can vary, and a clean-shaven man can be sexy too.

Alain Delon Biography
Is Alain Delon unmasculine for rocking a clean-shaven look?

Two factors could be at play when facial hair makes a guy sexier:

  1. Visual sexual polarity. Facial hair is a male trait, not a female one.
  2. Pheromones. Facial hair could enhance your masculine pheromones (assuming your biochemistry’s in check)

In any case, rock what makes you feel good. You prefer a clean-shaven look, rock that. You prefer some facial hair, rock that.

10. Invest in yourself day by day!

Too many guys go through life with a “what can I get from the world?” mentality.

Not enough guys think – “What can I give to the world?”

A simple mindset shift – look at everything in terms of investment.

The gym is an investment in your body and longevity, not a punishment for your past unhealthy habits.

Your lifestyle and your friends should be investments in your happiness, not distractions.

Every cool thing you do should be done for the pleasure of doing it, not to win people over or to only APPEAR cool.

But plenty of guys go through life with covert motivations. Everything they do is with the intention of earning people’s approval. Their lives are only the sum of other people’s expectations for them. They have little personal power.

And in the dating world. this transactional mindset sinks you. You can’t be yourself when you (consciously or not) feel you’ll be punished for it. You can’t be as bold as you should be, if you lack that personal sense of power.

Investing in yourself will win people to you without draining your own sense of self. It’s a win-win situation. You become a better man, and the people around you get to experience a better man. The only people who lose here are haters.

So if someone doesn’t like you or has a problem with you…

There’ll still be plenty of people who like you for your genuine, masculine, growing self.

So invest in yourself, gents.

One such investment is dating coaching, working with someone who GETS IT so you too can GET IT. And it’s a very fine one. If you want to know more of what I’m about, contact me directly or look around the website.

Then if/when you’re ready to take this step…

And to make your dating life as abundant and fulfilling as it could be…

You know what to do.


– Ben

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