SEX! ROUGH SEX! DOMINANCE! SUBMISSION! Now that I have your attention…

Let’s take a break from my male perspective on things.

The lovely Veronika has a lot to say about sex from a lady’s point of view.

I read her ebook Complete Submission recently, and I have only good things to say about it. (yes, this is affiliate marketing)

Her writing style is simple, concise, informative, and helpful.

She did good including images (those got me excited where it counts).

At 127 pages, it’s a good bang (hah) for your buck without being excessively long.

But that’s just the technical stuff.

Veronika will teach you, if you let her…

How to put more of a dominant/submissive dynamic into your sex life WITHOUT forcing, pressuring, or bargaining with your girl. It’ll happen smoothly and naturally. And she’ll want more and more of it.

How to be the ideal, dominant, masculine man your girl CRAVES you being. She may not consciously recognize this or admit it, but her primal sexual impulses aren’t going anywhere. She wants you to be a MAN, not just a guy.

How to be the boss without being bossy (not just in the bedroom!) Being domineering is almost certainly a turn-off to your woman, but leading her like a dominant man is a major turn-on. Learn the difference between the two.

SEX, obviously. Positions, ways to initiate it like a man, fun things you can do with her (Veronika covers A LOT of them. This woman sure has an active imagination and an open mind).

How to last longer in bed and give her an orgasm EVERY TIME. Does your girl tell her ladyfriends – “he’s never given me an orgasm, I don’t know what it is about him that isn’t getting me off” or “he always cums so early, I wish I was with a guy who could make sex last”? I hope not.

AND MUCH MORE! (ex. threesomes, cheat-proofing your relationship, a bit about texting, what to do if she disobeys, rekindling a relationship gone stale, what to do about emotional problems, etc…)

A woman’s perspective on how you, as a man, can embrace your dominance, animalistic, sexual side, and open your woman up to submitting to you through hers? Sounds great to me.


There’s one thing you won’t find in this ebook – She won’t teach you how to GET a girl in the first place. That’s what I’ll do for you.

But when you have a girl, especially one you’re in a great relationship with… you gotta be a man and unleash your primal lust onto her, lovingly dominating her and making her and your fantasies come true.

She may be (and better be!) a confident, classy lady in the streets. But if she isn’t a submissive sex kitten for you in the sheets…

You’re missing out.

You don’t know just how dirty she can be until you really bring out that side of her.

Get Veronika’s Complete Submission today!

Then get your girl, and let her know what you’ve learned, to say the least 😉 😉 😉

As a man who understands female psychology extremely well, I guarantee she’ll melt for ya.


– Ben

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