I’m WHITE KNIGHTING for these fruit snack girls

If you like fruit snacks and blonde white Christian girls, this newsletter’s gonna be a pleasant one.

This video caught my eye yesterday.

Yes, because of the girls, but not just that.

Watch the whole thing before you keep reading, and write down your first impression of it. You’ll see why I’m asking this of you.

Some of the comments weren’t that uplifting, mostly calling these two girls dumb.

On the surface, to our logical male brains, these girls’ thoughts and behavior may seem exactly that – dumb. Illogical. Toxic to the brain cells.

BUT lemme be a white knight here – These girls are smarter than you may think.

Yes, it’s dumb to base the quality of your day on the flavors of a fruit snack. But do you think they were serious about it? All I see here is a fun little game. I doubt these girls legit feel that grape fruit snacks are powerful enough to wreck their day.

These girls are smart because they understand and embody exactly what their demographic of man wants. (Look at the rest of this girl’s tiktoks. She’s incredibly smart when it comes to marketing herself)

They’re pretty! Wholesome! Rays of sunshine! They’re beaming with positive energy! Exactly the type of girl a wholesome, positive Christian guy would want!

Let’s not look so much at what they’re saying. By itself, it’s illogical. Sure. But there’s a whole ton going on in the background here that plenty of us guys can be oblivious to. For example – Energy. These girls’ energy is extremely positive. And I love it!

They’re feminine. Positively feminine.

That includes CHAOS and IRRATIONALITY.

I don’t know about you, but as a masculine young man, I LOVE IT when women don’t always make sense or adhere to logic. Being the straightforward, rational one is my job, not hers. She’s free to be chaotic and feminine around me.

Living by rules and logic is men’s job, not women’s.

Guys in the manosphere talk about wanting a feminine woman… Then talk shit about women when they act truly feminine. THAT doesn’t make sense.

Do they actually want a sexually depolarized woman who acts like a man?

These irrational fruit snack girls, as far as I can tell, ARE positive femininity. This is partially girl game, but it’s coming from a good, genuine place, not a manipulative one.

If you’re a rational redpill male who wants a thot who logics instead, who doesn’t want to transcend reason in the name of love and fulfilment, I’m not the dating coach for ya.

Love transcends reason

This video is actually a nice little litmus test for how people see the world, and what emotional demographics they fall into.

Do they want everything to make sense all the time? Or are they happy in chaos?

Do they see these bubbly young women as cute? Or annoying?

Are they quick to hate? Or quick to love?

This video is an exercise in confirmation bias. We naturally put our attention on things that align with our pre-existing world-views.

For example, a guy who’s super into cars will readily notice people’s cars, usually recognize the make and model, whereas other people would only think “car”. I’m a watch guy, so I notice people’s watches early on and like to guess at the make. A woman who thinks men are trash will gravitate towards trash men. A man who thinks all women are sluts will gravitate towards slutty women.

Like I said before, these girls’ bubbly irrationality is actually a POSITIVE. It’s VERY ATTRACTIVE to the religious, emotionally oriented guys in their demographic, and it repels more non-religious, uber-rational guys who would be a bad fit for them. It’ll lead to confirmation bias, law of attraction, manifestation, whatever you wanna call it, WORKING ITS MAGIC. I’m a positive, chaotic, Christian young gent myself, and these girls are right up my alley.

So upon first impression, what did YOU think of these fruit snack girls? Reply to this email with your thoughts. I’m reading all of them.

I personally don’t see this video as anything dumb. I actually think it’s an EXAMPLE of female intelligence. How many objectively smart, rational, logical, intellectual, academically and/or professionally successful people do you know who are chronically single? Who have no game? Who are absolutely boring flirts? Where are their DATING smarts?

These girls will have a much easier time in the dating world than those intellectuals, because they understand that love and joy and creativity and positivity transcend reason, that this world and its machinations can’t always be explained in textbooks and logical thought. And the exchange of feelings between two people, however illogical it may be, is what really makes dating fun and exciting.

And if you want a dating life full of love that transcends reason…

To quit being in your head so much and really learn to FEEL…

Here’s something reasonable you can do.

Drink your real olive oil, eat your raw onions, and have some fruit snacks on the side,

– Ben

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