Why does this Spanish girl have such intense feminine energy???

Every straight guy who’s seen this video agrees – This Spanish girl, Ines, is FUCKING ADORABLE.

Yes, she’s very pretty by conventional, Instagram standards.

But what’s really struck us about her isn’t just her looks, but HER ENERGY. It’s very feminine, lighthearted, childlike but not naive. You can tell it’s a bit girl gamey, though legit. It’s not just an act she’s putting up.

Seeing a girl like this is quite a breath of fresh air if you’re used to dealing with women who are anywhere from simply nice yet doormat-like, dull, repressed, and depolarized, to women who are angry, unpleasant, bitter and may even outright hate men.

I doubt any guy who’s seen Ines there would turn her down.

She’s not the only girl I’ve seen with this energy.

There’s a pattern here.

What sorts of girls have this intense yet lighthearted, happy, youthful feminine energy?

European girls who didn’t grow up in North American culture?

Nope. It’s…

Girls in fulfilling relationships

As soon as I saw her and felt her vibe, I knew… There is a man in her life, or at least a guy. And he makes her very happy.

(Her Instagram, which I creeped cuz I’m a guy who likes pretty girls, confirmed this)

Girls who glow joyfully like this ALWAYS have boyfriends. I have never seen a girl without a boyfriend/husband have this sort of energy.

Single girls tend to have more of a “shut-down”, not as lustrous, depolarized energy to them.

Might suck if you’re a masculine guy who CRAVES this sort of feminine energy in a girl, then every girl you meet who has it is in a happy relationship. FUCK.

Did you miss the window where every young, feminine girl who isn’t a trashy thot meets the right guy for her? Because girls who can cultivate this energy do get snatched up QUICK.

But don’t worry, not all hope is lost.

The truth about this light, happy feminine energy

You may think it’s only a feminine form of confidence and self-love, and you’re not wrong if so, but…

This is actually transformed masculine energy.

You don’t usually just randomly find a highly feminine, sweet, radiant girl like this. You CULTIVATE those traits in her, assuming she’s willing to grow in a positively feminine direction.

First, you find a girl with her standards and values in check.

Then you lead her through something great, fill her with your love (that both is and isn’t a euphemism), keep her safe and secure, feed her raw onions doused with olive oil with fruit snacks on the side, and get really good at cuddling…

Then she flourishes as a woman and fucking GLOWS with happiness. She takes your masculine energy and transforms it into more of her own. Her power as a woman comes from absorbing yours and reflecting it back at the world as her own. That includes back onto you, unless she’s a succubus. A woman’s love for you is just a transformed version of the love you have for her.

(If you’ve ever played Ocarina of Time, that one boss fight where you have to use the mirror shield to absorb fire/ice energy is a suitable visual allegory for what a woman does with male energy)

Keep in mind, not every girl you meet is a good “blueprint” in this way. Some are so disconnected from their femininity, so lost in new-age social conditioning, that no amount of true masculinity will coax it out of them or get them comfortable in their receptive feminine role, until they do the proper inner work to become more integrated women. You’re best off avoiding girls who are unwilling to follow your lead in this way, and focusing on better “blueprints”, even if these disconnected girls are attracted to you on a primal level.

Girls with strong fathers and thus, a healthy relationship to masculinity, are your best bet for this, as they already “know the dance”. Their fathers loved them out of masculine strength, so these girls have been filled with a man’s love all their life, and will settle for no less than more of that.

And even if her father wasn’t exactly Chadmuscle McGoodStandupGuy, there’s plenty of well-adjusted women out there who are disconnected from their femininity.

Yet they’re not so disconnected as other girls are.

A woman like this may not glow like Ines just yet, but she knows she has it in her to be a more radiant woman despite her upbringing.

And when she meets a man (MAYBE YOU) who really speaks to that repressed femininity, she’ll be quick to get in touch with it and let it run wild for him.

But that’s just the girls’ side of things.

You’re the man here, obviously. And until you learn to polarize yourself in a masculine direction, really cultivate the masculine energy within you that feminine women LIVE FOR, you will only attract similarly depolarized women.

Do you want your woman to be antagonistic with you? Dull and depolarized? Who’s more like a friend you have sex with than your feminine complement?

Or do you want a sweet, open woman who doesn’t necessarily have to be Spanish?

Make SLEEP SQUAD proud by getting 6+ hours of sleep tonight,

– Ben

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