PARTY GIRLS – Hit or miss?

I guess they never miss, huh?

Last newsletter, we talked about how your relationship to alcohol as a gent is your relationship to femininity.

Now let’s talk about girls who like to drink. Party girls especially. You know the types. Conventionally hot. Tight dresses, tight jeans. Social gathering photos on Instagram, drink in hand. They’re the girls you’d see packing bars and clubs before the Wuhan virus bullshit happened, assuming you’re of legal drinking age and you like bars.

I bet you’ve wanted to at least hook up with these titillating types.

Have they eluded you?

Or have you gotten lucky with some of em?

And what are they REALLY like beneath the makeup and tight clothes and social proof?


As I say about plenty of female-related things, it’s not about WHETHER she…

It’s about WHY she…

You’re at a club and you’re making out with some random pretty girl.

You know why you’re doing it. She’s hot and you’re a man. Pretty straightforward.

Now why is she doing it?

It’s usually not because she wants to have your babies and introduce you to her parents. Girls just want to have fun, and sometimes, “fun” means getting attention from cute guys when they’re drunk. It’s the whole reason these girls go out dressed all pretty, surrounded by sweaty guys and girls who are just as drunk!

If your goal with women is a committed relationship, you’re best off NOT going to the bar to meet them. You’re best off meeting women who align with your manhood through more serious pursuits – ex. work or hobbies or serendipity. The bar is where girls (and guys) go to ESCAPE the serious responsibilities and realities of the rest of their week, not to prolong them and potentially find a soulmate.

So if your goal is FUN (wink wink), not quite to meet the woman who gets wedding bells ringing in your head, the bar is exactly where you want to go. The girls there will want you for pure preselection factors – biochemistry and positioning. Psychology likely won’t factor too too much into your dealings with them.

This overlaps with the concept of demographics.


Not all party girls are created equal.

Especially if you grew up outside the mainstream social world, you may think of these girls as some mass-produced clones that exist just to look pretty and fit in like a Normie™.

That’s not quite the case.

A ton of demographics of girls enjoy partying.

Yes, there is a “party girl” demographic where the girl’s #1 hobby is partying and getting wasted with her friends, but that isn’t all of them.

There’s even introverted girls who may SAY they don’t like parties… But still go to parties. (Cognitive dissonance!)

There’s girls who are smart and interesting and feminine… Who also enjoy a couple drinks at a house party on the weekend!

You may very well find a party girl who you really enjoy (and who really enjoys you!) if you get your demographics right.

Just cause she’s pretty and goes to the bar doesn’t mean she’s a thot with no personality. Talk to her. Dance with her. You may really like what happens next. 

My main point here is – Look beneath the superficial when you meet a girl on a night out, especially if it’s a house party (less anonymity, higher likelihood of overlapping social circles and demographics). Partying is a normal human behavior. It’s not relegated to any one demographic or few demographics. We’re social beings. We need to socialize to stay sane!


It all comes down to this: You need to ask yourself what kind of person a party girl is without the drinks and the partying.

She’s hot in those tight clothes and she’s turning you on. Who is she beyond that?

A vapid thot?

Or a girl with some real substance and character to her?

Don’t judge her entirely by her clothes!

If you’re a man with plenty of hobbies keeping you busy and happy, who’s intellectually curious and psychologically developed (or developing), would you really want to be with a lady who cares only for vapid things? Even if she smells nice and her ass looks bombastic in those jeans?

Girls who exist just for vapid social status games get with guys in their demographic, so don’t worry about them. Those girls are taken care of.

Let’s focus on the girls who COULD be a good fit for you.

Maybe you won’t meet them at the bar after one too few vodka shots…

Maybe you’ll meet them at a house party…

Or on the street or through friends or on a dating app or through a hobby of yours…

In any case, developing your intuition around women is CRUCIAL for seeing who a woman REALLY is beneath her surface affectations.
To avoid getting fucked over by (or simply being needy for) women who contain evil, or simply aren’t a good fit for you.

And to see the BRIGHT SHINING LIGHT in the women who ARE a good fit for you, and who will enrich your life in ways nothing and no one else can. You can pick them out of a crowd, and attract them like a magnet.

IF your intuition is in check.

Don’t miss out on those latter opportunities. Don’t neglect developing this SUPERPOWER of yours.

Few men truly know all the machinations of women, and how to use their masculine intuition to shift the dating world in their favor. (it’s not just a woman’s ability!)

Apply to work with me, and that’ll be you.

Turn up,

– Ben

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