The perks of not jerking off all the damn time

Completely quitting porn and masturbation is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Now I never watch porn, and regularly go weeks on end without jerking off. It took me a year of attempting to quit before I could go a straight month without rubbing one out, and it was well worth it!

Basically me these wankless days

(A great quit-porn-and-masturbation strategy that WORKS WONDERS and isn’t just “use your willpower and force yourself to stop masturbating for days/weeks/months on end” is one lesson I have for you in The Three Fundamentals of Attraction)

Does nofap work?

Does semen retention work?

Yes, they both do. They’re not just placebo.

What are the benefits of nofap?

What are the benefits of semen retention?

Oh boy, there’s a TON.

Many men today, young men especially, some older gents too, are dissociated from their full masculine potency and power. Why? Because they release it, jerk it out of themselves, as soon as they feel it. Wanking absolutely MURDERS your ability to properly handle tension with women and in life.

Life’s trials and challenges, women included – DEMAND your strength and consciousness. They demand that when life gives you stress, tension, or energy, you handle it responsibly, like a MAN. Life as a man is SUPPOSED to be full of these things, and rejecting them only means you’re rejecting your manhood.

When a man compulsively jerks off, it shows an inability to handle life like a man – because semen IS life force – the physical manifestation of yours.

Jerking off all the time makes you embody the energy of DEATH, and women + the rest of the world do indeed viscerally feel it on you. You can’t fake life force.

Your masculine energy

When you quit jerking off, something cool happens. YOU GET FULL OF LIFE FORCE.

You don’t just become motivated to do what you do for survival/success/getting some pussy reasons, you become motivated because it’s WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL ALIVE. It’s what makes you feel like a MAN.

This is the natural state of being male and masculine. You’re not supposed to wank your energy out in your bedroom. You’re supposed to be taking it into the world and moving said world with it. That’s sexual transmutation!

Plenty of nofap guys have reported the following benefits of not being such a wanker:

  • Increased motivation to CRUSH IT in life
  • Clearer skin and better hair growth
  • No more social anxiety
  • Healthier relationships with women, more attraction from women, more motivation to meet and get to know real women
  • Better sex
  • More happiness overall

I can confirm that these are a real thing. Ever since I quit being a wanker, the energy I’ve been feeling in my body is EXQUISITE, I enjoy tension instead of fearing it, I don’t have any social anxiety, and I don’t find myself unconsciously objectifying women.

I doubt I’ll ever go back to being a compulsive wanker.

Sexual tension and loving women

If you want healthy relationships with beautiful, real-life, flesh-and-blood women, porn is one of the worst things you can have in your life.

Porn conditions your unconscious mind to OBJECTIFY and WORSHIP women. It conditions you to expect your sexual intimacy from touching yourself while looking at a woman, not from actually being with her. I call this CUCK BRAIN. Porn use gives you cuck brain. Porn doesn’t trick your brain into thinking you’re the one sleeping with all the women on your screen. Your brain’s smarter than that.

Porn actually tricks your brain into thinking you’re such a low-value man that you can only settle for touching yourself around a woman while a superior man takes her, not that you’re the man women deserve to be with.

This conditioning kicks in when a porn-watcher spends time around real-life women. Instead of being driven to get to know them on a holistic level, and maybe date or fuck them if the genuine connection’s there, the porn-watcher’s subconscious feels undeserving of intimacy, no matter what game he pulls.

Wanking to pixels conditions you to be the man on the left. Holding on to your sexual energy makes you the guy on the right.

Even if you consciously understand that women are imperfect, multi-dimensional individuals just like you, your unconscious mind doesn’t get it. It still expects a spiritual separation between yourself and the women you want to be with. Not good, obviously.

There is no sexual connection with a woman without sexual tension.

You NEED to hold on to this sexual tension for women to feel sexual tension with you. They reflect your feelings.

Also, objectifying women will murder your ability to have healthy connections with them. It’ll compartmentalize your attraction to them. Instead of seeing the woman you want as a whole person, as a unique individual with all sorts of gifts to give the world. Porn use will wrongfully make you see her as just like a porn video – a soulless object to get yourself off with.

High-quality women sense this mindset on porn watchers, and they AVOID these wankers.

Sexual energy makes you more of a man

I’m a male sexual energy coach for a reason. Not just a dating coach.

Beneath the strategies, tactics, fancy lines, pickup tips, mindset hacks…

Sexual polarity, sexual energy is what really gets beautiful, feminine women into you.

Everything else is just a conduit for it, and quitting porn and masturbation is only the beginning.

If you feel one-on-one work with me is right for you…

If a very productive month of boosting your sexual energy and competence in dating is for you…

You know what to do.

Enjoy life,

– Ben

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