Pre-consenting to having you

Attraction isn’t a choice. Assuming otherwise is one of the biggest, most flawed misconceptions you can have as a man looking to make it in the dating world. No matter what you say or do, 95%+ of women out there just aren’t for you. There is absolutely nothing you can do to win them over […]

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Interlude I – Starlight

PREVIOUS EPISODE Interlude I “Excuse me.” “Hmm?” “You’re absolutely gorgeous.” “Aww, thank you. Haha. Oh my God. You’re so sweet…” “…” “Sorry, I’m just… You caught me by surprise there. What’s your name?” “I’m Tom, and you’re…” “Alyssa.” “Up to anything fun right now, Alyssa?” “I’m not, I just, I just moved here, so I […]

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