Interlude II – Starlight


Interlude II

“What are we, Tom? You’d better feel the same way, because I’m not just going to keep sleeping with you and being your cute little date if seeing me casually is all you want. We’re not going back to your place this time if that’s all you want from me.”



“Of all the girls I could have chatted up that day, I’m happy I picked you. You’re right, let’s do it. Alyssa Flannigan, I want you to officially be my girlfriend.”


“You’re hugging me a little too tightly there, Alyssa.”

“I don’t just want to hug you right now, Tom.”


“What are you checking your phone for?”

“It’s work. I have to go, Alyssa. I’m sorry.”

“Again? It’s almost midnight! What kind of government office job gets you coming in this late?”

“Not an ordinary one.”


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