How to fuck up your pick ups

Whether you live to cold approach or not, you can’t deny it’s a valuable skill for meeting women outside your social circle, outside the bar scene, and outside of dating apps. It’s fun and simple – you live your life, see a pretty girl who strikes your fancy, then you say hi to her and […]

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The Player Identity

Like most guys in the dating advice industry, I had a hard time getting girls early in life. I grew up skinny, geeky, and sexually and socially anxious. The furthest I went with a girl as a teenager was platonic cuddling, and I didn’t have my first kiss with a girl until my first week […]

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Pay attention to the tension!

I see this so so much with guys: They’re great at making a girl feel comfortable with them. They know how to vibe, how to make her laugh, exactly what questions will get her to open up, and the right level of depth for every stage of the interaction. Their conversations over text, on the […]

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The essence of Mr. Nice Guy

Boys, I’ve been him. Mr. Nice Guy – the guy who’s just a little too accommodating of other people’s needs… At the expense of his own. He’s the guy who can only be friends with a girl, nothing more, as she tells him all about the guys she’s seeing (and reading the Bible with, alone […]

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The woman inside you

Wassup boys and boys, we’re gonna get Jungian and esoteric here, so buckle up. This is an advanced masculine integration topic I’ve seen few other dudes talk about. The Anima. Your feminine side, according to Carl Jung. I know that a lot of gents reading this will think I’m BSing, that I’m gonna go new-age […]

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Women are mirrors

We gents have all had our disappointing, frustrating, confusing experiences with the ladies. Perhaps that lady hurt you, played with you in unpleasant ways, acted way too anxious or avoidant with you, abused you, banged your best friend, stole that pineapple you were really looking forward to eating… Why’d you date her then? Why’d you […]

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