I got out of the friendzone and banged my crush !

Many years ago, I liked a girl in my social circle who we’ll call Bethany.

Bethany was a hoe, but I liked having her around. I wasn’t going for serious commitment with her. I just wanted her to be my cute little date to things and stuff. One of those crushes where you appreciate who someone is but don’t see long-term potential with them.

One night, after some drinks and chilling with mutual friends…

I took Bethany home with me!

And we held hands while reading the Bible together 😉

Now, what happened that night isn’t what I want to get at here.

What happened AFTER that is where today’s lesson is for ya gentlemen.

My naive past self expected to get closer to Bethany after that one night, and fulfil his girlfriend fantasy with her…

But our relationship didn’t evolve. It went right back to where it used to be, with some new memories of course.

I was rather disappointed.

What could I have done to keep her?

Why girls really hook up 99% of the time

It’s happened to me so many times over the years. I’d be out partying, and have a girl all over me, kissing and touching, pushing and reciprocating enthusiastically…

She was super into me, right?

Then I wouldn’t hear a thing from her the next day, or we’d text a bit before things would fizzle out. What gives?

Well, a lot of the time…

Girls just want to have fun.

That sexually forward girl, or that extremely receptive girl you met after a few drinks wasn’t out looking for a husband or a serious boyfriend.

She wanted a quick escape, to have a bit of fun with an attractive guy.

A lot of guys who get these one-night flings assume they’re some super attractive game master, who knew exactly what buttons to push to make her wet for him. But they don’t entirely see her side of things.

A girl who’s extremely sexually open and receptive when she only knows your game (or just casually knows you) isn’t into YOU. She’s decided beforehand – she’s open to hooking up that night with a decently attractive guy.

And as I learnt the hard way with Bethany, most of these hookups, even the ones that go all the way… Aren’t because she’s super super into you and wants to show her love to you through fucking.

She was bored and horny that night, and wanted to use a guy for dick. Fuckgirls are a thing too, not just fuckboys.

As much as this info has enlightened, maybe even disappointed you gents, there are exceptions to this “party girls are only ever one-time hookups” rule. But we’ll get into that in the next newsletter 🙂

If you’re looking to hook up and want to spot girls who want exactly that, while accurately seeing which girls only want to dance and be seen with their friends…

Or if you want a more serious girl, and to screen out the ones who just want you for a night…

See me.

Catch you later,

– Ben

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