Another day, another dogmatic semen retentioner telling you “if you ever cum at all, you’ll lose your motivation for business and sports and creativity and stuff and women won’t think you’re attractive anymore”

As I’m not just A sexual energy coach or THE sexual energy coach, <3 I’m YOUR sexual energy coach <3, I’m here to tell you that refusing to blow a load for XXX days isn’t the endgame of your sexual energy mastery.

Semen retention dogma is often a necessary step towards sexual energy mastery, so no disrespect to guys who live by it. Semen retention is legit, and if those teachings resonate with you, follow them as long as they do.

To step into your most integrated, most masculine self, you have to take a step beyond the semen retention/nofap dogma. Learn the art of SEXUAL ENERGY ALCHEMY.

Yes, retaining your cum, refusing to jerk off or even have sex or entertain sexual thoughts… That’ll raise your energy and get you motivated… But it’s only one way to do it.

Investing your sexual energy

If you made a lot of money, what would you do with it?

Let it sit in a bank vault and collect dust while you live with your bare minimum survival and luxury needs?

Blow it all on booze and drugs and partying?

Invest it in your kids’ futures?

Buy a boat or a cool car or a huge house?

Retaining your semen in your crotch for ages without releasing is like making money… Then letting it sit in a bank vault collecting dust for ages.

Then when you give in to the horny and blow a load to some porn, that’s like blowing all your money on drugs and gambling. All that work, all those days retaining… FOR NOTHING.

Even conventional understanding of sexual transmutation is INCOMPLETE.

It’s NOT as simple as “refuse to jerk off or have sex, then you’ll get very very motivated to pursue all your goals, but you’ll lose that motivation when you blow a load”

What are you DOING with this energy? And I don’t mean “what are you doing now that you’ve freed up time and mental/emotional bandwidth from blowing your loads?”

Your energy can’t stay in one place forever. That’s why you have wet dreams after XX days of nofap. Your body isn’t meant to hold on to its semen indefinitely.

I’ve personally been super motivated, on fire, getting looks and IOIs (and more) from girls many times… Soon after blowing a load, soon after recovering from heavy drinking, or soon after getting little sleep… Or more than one of those supposed energy-drainers at once. Maybe I’m just built different, but it’s because I know the secrets of sexual energy mastery.

I could go super super in depth about how to alchemize your sexual energy, but those nuances are beyond the scope of a simple newsletter. I will say a few things however:

1. You must move your sexual energy out of your crotch, out of your head, and into your full energy body.

2. You must undo energetic blocks within yourself for this energy to flow fully and properly. This means optimizing the three fundamentals of attraction – biochemistry, positioning, and psychology.

3. Women don’t care about how many days you’ve nofapped for. Let go of any ego-attachment you have to this. They’re sexually and spiritually drawn to your ENERGY. They don’t care whether you make money. They care what you spend your money on.

We’ll go over the specifics in coaching 😉

When you’re ready to master your sexual energy and step into the full spectrum of your masculinity…

See me.

Let’s crush it today,

– Ben

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