Our date was shit… Then she kissed me!

Back during my hardcore “game”-obsessed days, I was out on a first date with a girl from Tinder. Didn’t want to marry her or anything, just wanted to small talk with her a bit, then take her to my place and show her my watch collection and read the Bible with her and also have sex with her.

But she wasn’t having it. Everything about the date sucked. Our silences were awkward, not sexually tense. She wasn’t feeling the conversation and wasn’t trying to connect with me. And she was making it super obvious that she reeeeally wanted to go home instead of taking a walk with me after we were to finish our coffees.

But I kept awkwardly, coldly gaming her. “Subtly” dropping hints about my intentions, trying to kino, DHVing, etc. This girl didn’t get any warmer no matter what game I pulled.

I waited with this cold lady at the bus stop, silence between us awkward as ever. She was itching to get home, away from this awkward date with an awkward male stranger.

Then I tried something new with my game, something I didn’t fully understand at the time.

I let go.

I just vibed. I genuinely smiled. I subtly danced to the music playing in the background. I stopped caring what this girl thought of me, I stopped caring about getting her in bed.

I looked her in the eyes and teased her with my body language, sending energy out onto her, pushing and pulling with her without saying a word.

I started to channel and surrender myself to some real ENERGY.

And guess what.

She lit up. She returned that genuine smile right back to me. She became warm to my touch. The energy I’d created there was contagious.Β Like a mirror, she reflected it.

Then when her bus came…

I kissed her goodbye…

And she enthusiastically kissed me back.

That experience floored me. It was the first time I’d ever kissed a girl on a date. Every other girl I’d been out with had been sexually cold and unmoved by me, even if she was into getting to know me as a person.

Now this girl who really didn’t like me… Suddenly got into kissing me? How did I pull that off?


There’s one thing that separates men who are amazing with women from men who are absolute shite with women.

I’ve already told you what it is πŸ˜‰

You could have a killer physique, status, money, connections, game, a nuanced understanding of desire and comfort and love…

But if your energy sucks, you will only get women who suck.

Some men have it all on the surface, but can’t get a beautiful woman truly into them to save their life. These men are used more than they’re appreciated.

Other men do moderately well in those domains, they’ve never read the theory, but they absolutely clean up with women. QUALITY women.

These men’s vibe is solid. And women unconsciously, intuitively pick up on it.

I’m sure you’ve seen it or lived it – you can be in an absolute drought when it comes to women, then you get a girlfriend and suddenly, all the random girls who want a piece of you come out of hiding. I’ve had girls act extra flirty with me even when I’ve simply had a date set up with a girl I’ve been super excited to meet!

This is no accident and no coincidence.Β Female intuition is an extremely powerful thing.

Women are intensely sensitive to energy. On a higher level, this is the #1 thing they look to receive from men and the world.

It’s why the smallest faux pas you make can turn a woman completely off you, while a major dick move could turn her on massively. Consciously, the former may not have been that bad, but subcommunicated weak energy. And the latter may have looked wrong, but felt absolutely right πŸ˜‰

Women’s relationship to energy is TRANSFORMATIONAL. They don’t naturally enjoy generating it, but women are biologically designed as receptacles for a man’s sexual essence and other forms of energy. Just looking at the curvature of a pretty girl’s hips will tell you exactly that.

Feminine energy is simply transformed masculine energy, as we saw in my date with that one girl there. She was lacking her feminine energy at first because I was lacking my masculine energy.

Then when I channeled some real masculine energy, she took her cut of it… and fucking LIT UP. She took my energy and made it her own.

Anyhoo, that’s a quick taste of what I have to offer you when it comes to understanding masculine and feminine energy, sexual dynamics, optimizing your dating life, and all that jazz.

For all the nuances of masculine and feminine sexual energy, applied to your personal situation…

See me in coaching!

We’ll get you some good dates!

Keep at it,

– Ben

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