Have you tried turning it off and on again?

I dealt with a frustrating situation today – my phone’s power and volume buttons weren’t responsive, plus the charging port wasn’t working either.

So I took it to the store, and spent an hour with the guy there going over the issue and its solution – sending it to the manufacturer so they could fix the obvious hardware issue.

Obvious hardware issue, right?

I backed up all my data onto my old phone, then we factory reset my current one.

Then when it turned back on… It was functioning at 100% again.

Turns out it was a software issue, actually.

Aaaaand then I spent another tedious hour transferring all my data and stuff back to my current phone, logging back into all my accounts, and setting my phone back up to how it was before.

Now this got me thinking…

How’s this relate to your results with women?

Often, we guys bang our head against the wall trying to “fix” how we are with women – being more “alpha”, getting that one specific girl or one specific archetype of girl, learning game, going out to new places or old ones, etc…

We assume we’re not inherently good enough for women, so we try to fix ourselves instead of accepting ourselves!

Your supposed “hardware issue” – not being tall, good-looking, rich, connected, funny, confident, popular, well-dressed, whatever enough…

May really be a software issue! – Your mindset, thoughts, feelings, and energy.

Sometimes, resolving a personal problem means taking a break. Turning yourself off and on again.

Rather than taking yourself apart, why don’t you reset yourself?

The problem isn’t that you’re “not good enough” or that you’re not some other alpha guy who’s attractive to women while you’re sexually defective.

Your software issue is manifesting as a hardware issue.

You’re a purposeful, complete man who’s attractive to women, but there’s a bug in your software that’s stopping you from acting like it.

Have you tried turning yourself off and on again?

Letting go of everything you think you’re supposed to want in a woman and the type of guy you supposedly need to be to get them?

Then embracing who you ACTUALLY ARE and understanding which attractive, high-quality women are truly right for you?

You’ve got two choices here.

1. Factory reset yourself. Try deleting everything from yourself that makes you you, take yourself apart, and end up realizing that you weren’t all that broken in the first place, as you tediously reinstall all the right software and data back into yourself.

2. Restart yourself. Keep all your data, but take a break from functioning in broken ways. Only when you take a step back from your flawed self-perceptions can you see them objectively, and make room for better ones.

There’s no better place to restart your destiny with women than in coaching!

I’ve undone so so many bugs in my and my clients’ software, and turned hopeless, clueless guys like my past self into successful daters who intimately understand how women REALLY work.

Not because I told them how to act and who to be, but because I told them how it all works… Then let them take action to get their own successes!

See me when you’re ready to be my next success story.

Take care,

– Ben

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