How to meet girls on a night out… on your own!

Nights out at the bars have their perks – quality time with your buddies, an excuse to get drunk, a space to live stories you’re not too drunk to forget, and they’re a source of valuable lessons about human nature.

But let’s not deny the absolute fundamental reason most single guys suffer through these:

You want to meet girls.

And lucky for you, the bar scene on a weekend is exactly where a ton of young and pretty girls are at, looking to forget their week and escape into some fun. I shouldn’t have to ramble on explaining how to attract them – look attractive, cool, and socially valuable. Let go, vibe, and have fun. Don’t be needy or outcome dependent.

But you may not currently have the luxury of attractive friends, wingmen who actually have game, or other social proof that’ll get those hot bar-going girls at ease with you.

If so, whether you go in there at a disadvantage is entirely up to you.

How do you do it on your own?

There are ways, brother.

However you do it, your intent for the night must be having your own fun. You can’t expect to simply join in on other people’s fun or to get laid with some girl with no value given on your part, or else they’ll see you for the needy energy sink you are and shut you out. And the hot girls will especially shut you out.

Don’t be the guy who asks where the party’s at. I’m sure you’ve met these types and gagged deep down at them.

Be the guy who IS the party. Add value. Bring energy. This will naturally draw people to you.

Turn your night out at the bars into your personal, spontaneous party.

The simplest, funnest way to do that:

Bring a prop.

I’ve made solo nights out work for me through game alone. Usually through dancing, which I really enjoy. My absolute favourite way to play around with girls is to take their hands and salsa with them – and it’s given me my fair share of makeouts on the dance floor 😉

But if dancing isn’t your thing, or it is, but the dance floors where you live are closed…

Girls who just want to have fun don’t find conversations with unfamiliar guys very fun.

Any random dude on a night out can spit some game at them, tell them they’re pretty, or ask them how their night’s going. Verbal game alone won’t give you an advantage with a drunk girl looking for fun, unless your image is an archetype she subjectively finds extremely attractive.

That’s why you bring a prop – give her something physical to interact with, and to preselect yourself with.

Random dudes walking their dogs past the bars always get girls stopping them, for example.

I personally take my camera out there with me. People love spontaneously posing for it, and when I let someone else have a turn with it, it gets me some good Instagram photos of me that aren’t selfies. (including ones where a girl and I have our lips on each other, but I’m not posting those publicly) I’ve gotten a bunch of followers on there through doing camera game!

When I have that handsome thing hanging around my neck, I’m no longer some random dude who’s looking to meet guys and dolls, especially dolls. That’s a boring story/first impression to preselect myself with.

My favourite prop preselects me as The Photographer. I don’t even have to approach people a lot of the time. They see the camera, and they come to me! Plus, photography’s a cool thing to make conversation about.

“Hey, are you a photographer?”

It’s not the only prop I’ve had work for me. Flowers (catnip to girls!), my umbrella, hats…

Play around with these items and involve girls and guys in your fun. This is a great way to ease your way in with new people, get girls to be receptive to you at first sight, and completely avoid the stigma/possibility of looking boring, needy or like That Dude With No Entourage Who’s Trying To Get Laid By Going Out.

It doesn’t have to be anything I’ve already mentioned. Find a prop that works for you and aligns with the fun you personally enjoy having, and I guarantee you, whether you’re alone or with company, your nights out will become unique and inviting, not the same old same old drinks and chats.

Now you know the usual sales pitch:

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– Ben

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