What a kid knows about getting girls that you don’t

A lot of people’s idea of dating is “I’ll spend some time with this person, talk with them, and see if they’re a good fit for me and my goals in life”

Good, but that’s not the entire picture.

Oftentimes what happens when boy meets girl is – you find each other attractive, you’re curious about each other, you can talk and tease…

But it feels like you’re reading from a script.

You’re not having fun. Feels like you’re suffering through the mundane pleasantries and the awkward, formulaic “get to know you” stage on your way to the real fun with her.

Aaaaand the girl doesn’t stick around you. Or she does, but you can tell she’s not having a good time. She’s only going through the motions herself.

Here’s why your dating life is draining you, even if you’re taking action, making moves, doing everything right, and getting somewhere:

You’re too serious.

And even if you pull some teasing or jokes or funny stories out of your armory of tactics, they still don’t quite turn the vibe around, right? Maybe she laughs, but it’s just a liiiiitle too forced.

You’re trying to force the fun to get something from her, not for its own sake. Unconscious as you may be of that truth.

Here’s the thing, brother:

You already know how to have genuine fun, how to get a girl brightly beaming and smiling and laughing with you. How to get her to let go of her inhibitions and just VIBE with you.

That part of you has simply been buried beneath something you’ve accumulated throughout your life:


Now, being a responsible man is 100% a good thing. Being a great man, and an overall functioning and thriving adult means taking care of your body, your image, your finances, how you treat others, your self-actualization, and every mundane thing you need to get done.

As you’ve grown, lived, and collected emotional wounds, traumas, and baggage, you’ve had to be responsible for those too.

They don’t make dating very fun.

Responsibility forces you to assume control of your life and your circumstances, and while, yes, you as a man do need to be responsible for leading a date forward…

Seeking control over more than that kills the vibe.

I’ve had my fair share of bad dates because I and/or the girl was too serious, unwilling to let go of control, unwilling to show our true selves to each other, or even to ourselves.

You can’t have fun when you’re constantly trying to keep up your constructed image/identity, or to validate your bullshit.

Little you would make a better dating coach than I!

How did you make friends when you were a kid?

How did you have fun when you were a kid?

You just did!

Little you didn’t give a fuck about making a good, mature, proper, calculated impression on someone new! He just said what was on his mind, made a farting sound with his armpit, and asked this cool stranger “hey, wanna play cops and robbers with me?”

This playful, childlike energy is exactly what’ll stop your dates with pretty girls from being uptight and BOOOOOORIIIIIIING !!!!!!!!!!

Dig through your bullshit.

Unearth all the great parts of yourself that you’ve forgotten. They’re there, right beneath the uptightness and responsibility you’ve taken on to survive in the adult world.

Learn to PLAY like you used to. Bring your fantasies into reality like you used to do when playing with your friends as a kid. Make her feel like she’s a little girl on the playground again, with no responsibilities and not a care in the world.

Human connection and life in general are about way more than just survival and checking boxes. If you can’t let go and just have chaotic, spontaneous FUN, you will SUCK with women. Your life will feel dull, joyless, and frustrating as you wait for the “someday” when the light and the fun come back into it.

Every time I’ve connected with a girl on an emotional level, it’s been through PLAY. Never through talking about where we grew up or what we do. Never through following “the rules” of dating. Never through following a “game” script. Never through consciously calculating my way into her panties. It’s always been through VIBING and FUN.

If you’re asking “well, what seduction techniques or concrete actions do I need to implement into my game to bring this part of me out?”, then that’s the wrong question.

This childlike, pure part of you IS you. It’s always been you and will always be you. You simply need to clear out the bullshit you’ve accumulated throughout life, then expressing your childlike joy, wonder, and playfulness won’t be a tactic you use to git gurlz. It’ll just be YOU.

And you better believe that once you learn to be your purest self around women…

There will be no more of this “awkwardly get to know you” stage with the girls you get! The vibe will be on right from the start!

There’s no better place than coaching to undo the knots inside you that are stopping you from showing up as the most present, most aware, most masculine, and most FUN version of yourself.

See me when you’re ready to be the next gentleman I work with who makes years, even decades of progress in MONTHS.

Every guy I’ve worked with so far has made immense leaps forward in his dating life after just ONE MONTH of talking with me one-on-one.

Will that be you too?

See ya later alligator,

– Ben

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