Is “slump busting” worth it?

I got into a little disagreement with some PUAs on the bird app a short while back, and here was my main point: “Don’t ever date a girl for “practice”. Throw yourself in the fire of a girl who inspires those sexual passions in you, or let yourself have a dry spell. You’re programming yourself […]

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The easiest way to preselect yourself

Most guys strongly understand the value of preselection. If you LOOK like an attractive, high-status guy upon first impression, it’s incredibly easy to get unfamiliar girls interested in chatting with you, getting to know you better, and even hooking up with you if the circumstances and subjective vibe are conducive to that. So gents, get […]

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How to open an unfamiliar woman

It’s a meme in “manosphere” Twitter: “How would you open?” *photo of a woman who will almost certainly never know the poster exists* Now if you know me, you know I like to study the art of the cold approach. I’m one of those gents who’s actually saying hello to the pretty girl checking out the […]

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A not-so-cute meet-cute

I’m sipping an espresso as I’m writing this. At the same cute little cafe where I had a newsletter-worthy people-watching experience earlier this week. I live-tweeted it, but for those of you who are too fucking lazy to click a damn link cause your parents didn’t raise you right, here’s the Sparknotes version: A guy […]

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Sexually transmitted curses!

Ehrich Weiss tweeted something super interesting yesterday: “S- Sacred E- Energy X- EXchange. Understand that when you’re laying down with someone who’s not all there mentally, and emotionally you’re taking on their demons as well. It’s so powerful whether you want to believe it or not. Be careful who you give yourself to.” And I […]

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