Is sex a flex?

VESUVIUS on the bird app made an interesting point last night:

“Dudes posting their hoes on here either never get any or stuck in the mind of a 14yr old Any1 that’s had that understands how easy and unfulfilling that is Pulling sluts in this lost society not a flex Having a loyal good woman is”

“Again this is not a flex at all, not bragging But I’ve been the guy with chicks asking me to come over and fuck It’s exciting at first but eventually you get disgusted with yourself and feel like a male prostitute Think ur a g when really some chick has you in her roster”

(link to original tweet)

Are you envious of the guys you see “posting their hoes”? Usually with the cute emojis blocking out the girls’ faces as they show their curves in lingerie.

Whether they use these photos as marketing tools for their dating advice or just to be like “look everyone, I banged a hot girl!”…

Flexing sex is borne of insecurity.

Not always the guru’s need to show people he’s fuck-worthy. These posts prey on the audience’s insecurities, so they can easily convince a guy who’s unconfident in his sexuality to sign up for coaching with the guru.

So I get why some guys do this. It impresses men who still idealize sex.

But I still think it’s a dumb idea.

“Posting your hoes” anywhere but anonymously with internet strangers will sink your reputation.

Seriously, don’t fucking kiss and tell. It makes you look LAME.

There are few easier ways to fuck up your chances with the girls you meet through social circle game, and to get your friends hesitant to introduce you to the girls they know, than to get a reputation as the guy who’s got loose lips about his sex life.

(now, this doesn’t mean you can’t give some deets to your good buddies when you’re shooting the shit, but there’s a difference between talking sex with someone who understands the value of discretion and being the guy who’s like “hey look at me everyone, I get LAID !!!!”)

People have surprisingly long memories, and no girl wants to be indiscrete to her social world about who she fucks unless she’s also extremely sexually needy.

Trust me, I used to think I was cool for being a fake player who was happy to have gotten laid, and all it did long-term was sabotage the trust between me and my own social circle at the time.

Now, if the idea of these guys banging hot girls still impresses you, ask yourself:

Which girls are they getting?

Whether they’re hot, average-looking, or disgusting…

Rich, educated, working-class, or whatever…

The hoes these guys are posting are immature, needy girls who care primarily about your preselection and game.

I understand the appeal if the girls are hot. Getting a pretty girl in bed sure makes you feel more like a man, and the sex can be fun.

But as I say for absolutely everything, it’s not about WHETHER they’re sleeping with these girls, it’s about WHY.

So in fact, I DO recommend that some guys pursue these girls.

If a guy struggles with finding value in his preselection and game, or there’s a part of him that never matured past being a sex-idealizing teenage boy, then going for a hot girl who cares primarily about these things will be a valuable learning experience, and also a well-deserved boost in confidence when he gets the notch with her.

Then once that guy’s sharpened his sword with this type of girl, I recommend he move on from trying to get more of them, if a deeper, more committed relationship is his end goal. Because you won’t be getting a good one with a girl who throws herself at you soon after she meets you.

As great as your preselection and game are for giving you leverage to play with a girl, here’s the thing.

She’s playing with you too.

Don’t get envious of the guys you see saying “I got this girl I haven’t even dated for a month OBSESSED with me”, or even worse, “look how hot and ready to fuck me this girl I’ve been talking to on Tinder is!”

Whatever sweet, sexy words their girls text, this is girl game. Girls get horny too, and sometimes, they pursue guys and game them just to get off. Not much of a flex if you’re a girl’s sexual prey.


“I’ve been the guy with chicks asking me to come over and fuck It’s exciting at first but eventually you get disgusted with yourself and feel like a male prostitute Think ur a g when really some chick has you in her roster”

Is banging a pretty girl really that impressive – when to her, you were only the most recent guy she’d used for dick? And she doesn’t treat any guy she’s been penetrated by like he’s really valuable?

It can be impressive, if you’re sexually inexperienced and needy. So if that’s you, you could use an experience like this to break your idealizations about sex.

Or you can do it the easy way and see me in coaching.

If you want to bang a hoe or two, I’ll teach you how to get em.

Every girl has a “whore” side to herself, whether she’s a sugar baby who’s had 20 notches by 20, a party girl who goes home with a guy a couple times a year, a gorgeous sexually inexperienced good girl, or a trad religious wife who’s only ever kissed her husband.

You don’t have to explore your own male “whore” side with immature, needy girls.

Wouldn’t you rather do it with girls who are truly sweeter, more generous, and more intelligent… and who can value you as something more than a sex toy?

If you’re ready to GET pretty girls, and penetrate them more than just physically…

Fill out the form, and we’ll go from there.

– Ben

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