How the bar-going boys get laid

I used to bang my head against the wall trying to pick up girls on nights out. Whether it’d be at bars, clubs, parties, or just meeting girls through my social circle.

I’d drink, dance, vibe, frame myself as a cool fun high-status party boy…

But the girls just weren’t biting.

So I worked on my game. I tested out a whole bunch of pickup advice I’d read online + some stuff I personally came up with, trying to finally achieve my dream of being the alpha male who seduces a strange girl at the bar and takes her home with me.

These girls still weren’t biting, no matter what game I’d pull. Whether it was acting natural and making casual small talk, or regurgitating pickup routines and negs and canned lines.

I got extremely down on myself about it. I was caught up in my idealizations of sex and nightlife, and somehow thought that absolutely everyone was getting laid but me. I had a looooot of sexual insecurities holding me back.

(and if I had a coach like myself back then, I’d have cleared out this BS, rewired my brain to make myself confident and sexually successful, and stopped self-sabotaging with the girls I REALLY wanted many years sooner)

As any guy who’s ever gone out knows, nights out aren’t some casual sexual haven full of pretty girls who are down to fuck a strange man.

Yes, even if that man is very attractive.

If the girls at the bars/clubs/parties go home with a guy and hook up with him, it’s nearly always with a guy they already know and already have a sexual relationship with. There’s simply too much risk and too little potential reward for a girl to go home with the random dude who she just met, barely knows, and may not even satisfy her in bed.

Now, most girls, if they’re attracted to you, will flirt a bit then pull away. At best, if your game’s REALLY on point, she’ll make out with you but not let it escalate past that.

Take it from me, your dating/sexual energy coach.

I got GOOD at spiking a girl’s attraction to me at first meeting, and could even get her enthusiastically making out with me right then and there. And even then, I’ve only converted these girls into lays a few times.

Every time but once, she was in my immediate circle AND she’d already pre-consented to getting laid that night, and I wasn’t anything special to her. I only happened to be the closest attractive guy she could use for dick.

Don’t take it personally.

It’s not about you.

Girls don’t go out to get laid, unless they’re major whores. They go out to be seen and to socialize.

Yet some otherwise normal girls do go home with strange guys.

The bored, lonely, horny ones.

Emphasis on “horny”.

These girls have decided BEFOREHAND they’re open to hooking up that night, and it’s up to you to be the guy who’s her hot, easy, quick, satisfying lay. This is what you need to know if you ever want to pull girls from nightgame – your game will NOT convert a sexually disinterested girl into a lay 99% of the time.

Rather, good game in this context means targeting a girl who wants to be seduced into bed that night, and letting her lead the dance. Whether she’s a whore who wants a new guy every weekend, or just a normal girl who happens to be in the right phase of her cycle and is curious about the whole casual sex thing.

You may appear to be the one leading the dance superficially, but in cases like this, it’s actually the girl who’s calling all the shots behind the curtain, and all you can do is play the role she’s cast you in for her little nighttime fantasy.

If that’s what you want, see me in coaching, I’ll help you understand how to frame yourself as the attractive guy she’s DTF, not as just another random dude looking to get in her pants.

Sure, I can teach you the same things the other dating coaches do – how to approach, what to say, what to do, how to text, and all that jazz.

But what sets me apart from all the rest is my specialty – psychological work.

That’s what gets my clients drastically transforming their dating lives after just one month or one call of working with me.

Because it’s not just about me giving you advice over the phone, then you implementing it.

Coaching with me is a complete rewiring not only of your brain, but of your energy, which is what really gets you the pretty girls in the end.

Just like I transformed myself from a miserable, dissociated, sexually and socially clueless guy into a happy, healthy man who GETS IT and finds interacting with girls on both a sexual and personal level as natural as breathing now…

I’ll get you to the next step and beyond of your dating life or your relationship, and give you the tools you need to never stop never stopping, even without me around.

Fill out the form when you’re ready to be my next success story, and we’ll go from there!

See ya,

– Ben

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