Can sexy seduction lead to loving LTR?

In the last email, we talked about how seduction is an effective but short-term strategy to git gurlz.

You can attract a girl QUICKLY with it, but burn her out of being with you just as quickly.

Yet some intimate, lasting relationships do start as purely seduction-driven affairs. And rather than fizzle out permanently, something newer, longer, lasting blooms from the ashes once the honeymoon phase high wears off.

Both parties had common intimate, psychological, spiritual ground and direction in life beneath the seductions and the fantasies.

So while the connection in its early days may have superficially been a seductive affair, a deeper potential for intimacy and connection was secretly driving it the whole time. And it only came out into the open when both parties got honest and intimate with each other. Painfully honest. Painfully intimate.

But I don’t want you to think “oh hey, we’ll turn out like this for sure!” next time you meet a girl you feel strongly about. That’s your neediness and unhealed adolescent wounds talking.

That’s what people tend to hope for when someone new seduces them – that the honeymoon phase high will last forever, and even get more intense. Of course when your sense of self is caught up in your fantasy of another person, will you cling to the fantasy of having an amazing, perfect, pure love that lasts ages.

So get your psychological shit together.

It’s very very easy to tell when your connection with a girl is based on need and validation vs on true desire and appreciation…

If you’ve gotten extremely intimate with YOURSELF.

You can only see certain truths in someone else to the extent you can see truth in yourself. The more about yourself you hide from your conscious mind, the less sharp your heart will be around others, including girls you could get intimate with.

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– Ben

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