Sexually transmitted curses!

Ehrich Weiss tweeted something super interesting yesterday:

“S- Sacred
E- Energy
X- EXchange.

Understand that when you’re laying down with someone who’s not all there mentally, and emotionally you’re taking on their demons as well. It’s so powerful whether you want to believe it or not. Be careful who you give yourself to.”

And I added to it:

“Sleeping with the wrong girl can curse you for a long time. Stay safe out there, boys. Avoid the succubi and the demonically influenced. Control your energy and save it for the ladies who will enrich you.”

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Buckle up boys, this’ll be an esoteric one. We’re going a step in consciousness above the usual tactical/psychological ground today.

Sex isn’t simply an exchange of fluids as two sets of genitals rub against each other; It’s a close, intimate exchange of energies. When you fuck someone, you’re not simply fucking their body. You’re fucking their very being. You’re bonding them to you, as your genetic material begins to use theirs to propagate its existence. And you forever have a soul tie to them, if the experience imprints strongly enough on you.

Every sexual encounter gives you a part of your partner, and gives them a part of you. How strong this energy exchange is depends on a few variables – whether either party orgasmed, how open or closed they were to each other, the intentions behind the act, how much physical fluid was exchanged, and how relationally intimate they were.

Tl;dr: You could fuck a girl and barely affect each other, or walk away from the sexual encounter profoundly changed.

The former is typically the limp-dicked, half-assed “fucking” that happens when two bored people have mediocre, purely physical sex (usually because the girl was drunk and bored and wanted a guy to use for dick)

As for the latter, the sexual encounters that get you hard af, where the girl is passionately submissive to you – those are the ones where the real sexual energy exchange happens.

For better or for worse.

If you’re banging a girl with good, positive energy, your own will be enhanced. Even if you ejaculate during sex, the net exchange of sexual energy is a positive in both your favors.

But if you’re banging a girl who’s negatively energetic, demonically possessed or influenced, or cursed…

Her exact energy will carry over into you.

These curses can be hard to break, as I’ve learned the hard way:

“I’ve been cursed by a couple girls I’ve you know whatted with

One such curse led to a s**ci*e attempt

Another is a story I don’t tell on the TL but it lasted a couple years before I completely purified myself of it

SEX is serious business.”

(link to original tweet)

Treating sex as simply a fun leisure activity is like treating a loaded revolver as a role-play toy.

Sexual energy is sacred, creative, transformative, and extremely powerful.

Sex with the wrong person/people can energetically dim you, even break you and burn you out. This is also why pornography is so damaging to men – it’s a one-sided energy siphoning that similarly dims a man’s sexuality.

Be mindful of who you fuck, and WHY you fuck them, gents.

I know how rewarding it feels to have a warm body in bed with you, to be so physically close to a soft, feminine girl. But is it worth it?

Do you live for the release of energy?

Or for the cultivation and control of it?

This is what fundamentally separates great men from the mediocre – how much control do they have over their sexual energy?

Which women are they willing to give their sexual energy to?

When life gets them tense, do they seek a release ASAP in anything with a vagina, or do they bask in the tension, let it fuel them towards greatness? And women are an alchemical force towards (or away from) this greatness. In a lot of ways, women are the highest test in life for a man. You can tell everything you need to know about a man from how he relates to women.

So if he fucks cursed women, what’s that say about him?

There’s a dark, low part of him that wants to be cursed more and more. The pain may hurt, but this part of him genuinely enjoys it on a deep, dark level.

We can’t paint any man as entirely cursed or entirely blessed. Most of us are good people deep down inside, even if we act out sometimes or live dishonestly, and every single one of us has experienced some trauma/baggage/bullshit that’s held us back from being our highest self.

So if you’re a man who’s open to having sex with broken, cursed women…


We’ll go through that in coaching 🙂

Once you clear out your conscious and unconscious traumas that resonate with cursed women, it will be impossible for you to sleep with one. And very very possible for you to sleep with healthier ladies.

When the energetic exchange works in your favor

Here’s the obvious stuff – Yes, find a positive, radiant girl and avoid the weak-spirited, negative ones. And yes, you need to be her male counterpart to get her. Self-development and spiritual ascension and all that jazz.

But this energetic exchange isn’t limited to sex. Sex is simply an extremely quick way of doing it.

We all know the saying – “You become the 5 people you spend the most time with”

Emotional intimacy does the same thing sexual intimacy does for you, just more over time. Be aware of who you’re emotionally involved with, because those people will 100% give you their energy, and you’ll give them yours. These relationships of yours will profoundly change you, the more you put your heart and being into them.

One example – that’s why people who’ve experienced narcissistic abuse take on traits of their abuser (the narc abuse community calls it “fleas”). It’s not just modeling of behavior. It’s a transfer of psychic energy.

So here’s the easiest way to get everything you want in life (and in dating) – Surround yourself with people whose energy ALREADY resonates with it. Seek out mentors who know what you have to know to get there.

And ruthlessly cut out anyone who’s an energy drain or a negative influence on you. Cut out anyone who’d rather complain about their circumstances than take action to change them. Cut out anyone who’d rather idly let life pass them by than live by their ideals and potentially piss someone off for it. Cut out anyone who doesn’t want to see you become your most masculine, most present, most aware, highest-conscious, most successful self.

Ruthlessly cut out anyone who makes you feel worse about yourself after spending time with them.

These people may not be dragging you down too much now. You may be comfortable with them. You may not have a frame of reference for healthier, more empowering relationships. At one point, I never had that myself. But trust me, sooner or later you’ll see what dead weight they really are, and how much they really AREN’T adding to your life.

Conserve your emotional bandwidth for positive, mutually empowering exchanges of energy.

One such positive energy exchange – COACHING WITH ME !

It’s not simply advice or mentorship. You’re not simply downloading the logical information I know. You’ll be downloading my ENERGY, my energetic orientation towards the world.

I remember when I was <120 lbs, socially and sexually clueless, and had no hope of being anything but an ugly, geeky, lonely loser. I decided to stop settling for that, and the first thing I did to get myself out of that misery was look at the example of much better men than I.

Without mentorship, without actively seeking (or stumbling upon) those men…

I would still be a loser.

I would never have taken the energy of those men as my own, those men who knew much more than I about fitness, hustle, socializing, and sexuality.

And won at life for it.

Now I have this same energy to offer you, should you choose to open yourself to me, brother.

When you’re ready to make many years’ worth of progress in mere months…

Fill out the form, and we’ll go from there!

– Ben

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