The simplest way to improve your energy around women

Women are hypersensitive to energy. It’s amazing how perceptive they are about the tiniest things in a man’s behavior – how he walks, how he talks, how he looks at her, how he laughs… that communicate his true viability as a sexual partner.

Men can train themselves to have this same ability, but I’m in awe of how natural it is to women.

My school of sexual thought rightfully believes that the root of everything women find attractive in men (and men in women) is SEXUAL ENERGY.

Another school of thought believes that a lack of neediness is the root of male attractiveness. (The main idea of Models by Mark Manson, the book that was my extremely valuable guide during a season of my life when I was taking back the power in my dating life)

I’ll now take those two ideas a step further and say:

Neediness is the antithesis to male sexual energy.

If male sexual energy is a giving, forward-moving, penetrating force, then neediness is an empty, stagnant, limp-dicked energetic orientation.

There’s a lot you can do to reduce your neediness around women – get fit, dress to your archetypes, work on your ambitions, build up a fun and engaging lifestyle, own your desires and live by them, learn about how women really work (they’re just people who happen to be female), be okay with women rejecting you, and do the inner work that makes all this smooth and easy (my specialty in coaching!)

But that’s all more superficial than this deep, fundamental practice of sexual energy mastery, that absolutely TRANSFORMS how you relate to women on a holistic level:

Quit masturbating.

Let yourself feel horny and be okay with not releasing. Don’t rush to release this sexual energy as soon as you feel it. Just own the tension, relax, and breathe. Keep your hands off your junk.

Take back control over your sexual energy.

Most of us guys got into jerking off as teenagers. Made it a habit that’s hard to kick, but gents, your masturbation habit is holding you back from being your fullest, most present, most masculine self!

Jerking off conditions you to NEED women for a sexual release, and it drains you of valuable life force.

The tension you feel in your crotch when you’re craving a wank, that’s SEXUAL ENERGY. The same exact sexual energy women intuitively sense in you, and desire to take their cut of.

So if you’re chronically drained of it, women sense that. And your inability to handle tension/energy turns them off. Your need for a release makes them distrust you.

Women don’t trust men they can control. A woman who truly desires you will find extreme erotic pleasure in trying to drain you or knock you off balance, and feeling your strength and integrity persist through it.

(that’s why women shit test you!)

When you quit jerking off, you condition yourself to handle more and more sexual energy within your body as the days go by. And consequently, you have a much easier time handling sexual tension around pretty women. At this point, I barely consciously feel sexual tension anymore, even when a girl I’m talking to is collapsing under it.

So what else has nofap done for me?

I no longer objectify women as wish-fulfillment fantasies, I have a very easy time relating to them as holistic individuals, and when I meet a lady who stimulates the flow of sexual energy in my body, I’m uncomfortable if I DON’T make a move and escalate, rather than shutting down under the tension and getting trapped in my head like I used to. I have a loooot more motivation to meet real women in any way I can, and to take real action to improve my life. This way of living is infinitely more rewarding than being stuck in fantasy.

Now, don’t assume you can cold-turkey your nofap streak and have it quickly turn out fine and dandy.

When I tried the “just don’t watch porn, just don’t jerk off” approach, it took me a YEAR of attempting to quit fully before I could go over a month without a release. Before that, I’d be relapsing every week or two, and still come running back to porn when I’d pussy out of approaching a pretty girl IRL, or get rejected by one.

Knowing what I know now, I could probably go from full-on addiction to completely quitting in a few months. Cold-turkeying the habit got me started, but it was a lot of unnecessary force and analysis paralysis.

I didn’t completely quit porn and jerking off until I did certain deep, psychological work on myself.

I have this same psychological work to offer you in coaching, and that’s only one of many things we’ll work on that’ll help you become your most attractive, most masculine, most sexually empowered self in only a month or two of working with me.

(Yes, my clients get major results that quickly! This is a premium-quality coaching program!)

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– Ben

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