Should men in relationships work with me?

Most of my clients so far have been single guys who wanted to get better at attracting women, dating around, and being sexually confident. I was happy to help them.

They’ve ended up dating and retaining attractive, good girls after just a month of working with me!

But I don’t ONLY work with single guys.

Let’s talk about one handsome gentleman I worked with a few months ago.

He’s had a long-term girlfriend for a long while. They love each other.

Plus he’s an attractive, fit, ambitious, masculine guy, so what could I do for him?

Successful as he is in dating, having found an LTR with a girl he adores, his relationship wasn’t perfect. He still had some lessons left to learn there. He had major issues with his girl, and they damn near broke up. So he came to me to help fix up his relationship.

Since I’m extremely competent at what I do, I quickly diagnosed his issue for what it was:

He was viewing his relationship as the sum of the roles he and his girl played for each other. He wasn’t allowing their natural, intimate personality connection to take center stage for once. He was viewing himself purely as the man in the relationship, and his girl purely as the woman in the relationship.

Now, this way of thinking is the opposite of a bad thing. Sexual polarity is the foundation of a high-quality relationship, and if said foundation isn’t solid, anything built on top will be easily shaken.

His problem was that he wasn’t fully aware of what he and his girl were supposed to build on top of their relationship’s sexually polar foundation.

I explained this to him, and it immediately clicked.

The next step of his success in dating/relationships was making room for himself to be HIMSELF in his relationship, not just the man in it. And making room for his girl to be HERSELF in the relationship, not just his woman.

Because while dating in its early stages is an opportunistic affair, a healthy relationship-seeking lady or gentleman always makes sure to build something real and honest beyond the opportunism.

We went over more than that in our hour on the phone together, including some dark and esoteric stuff I only go over in coaching, not in blog posts or emails or tweets.

(Yes, I gave him the roadmap to save his relationship that quickly! In just one hour-long phone call!)

But this was the fundamental lesson for him, and maybe it resonates with you too.

As he said after working with me…

“I’ve known Ben for a long time and he’s truly a master at his craft. When I came to him, I was wrapped up in my own head about the male-female dynamics of the relationship. I wasn’t able to see my girlfriend for what she really was: A beautiful woman with her own personality traits. I was simply stuck in the respective gender roles that we played. Because of this, my relationship was going downhill.

Ben helped me break past my limiting belief systems so that I could truly show up for my loving girlfriend. Not only did we go through more theoretical/abstract/esoteric avenues, but we also created tangible and applicable actions that I immediately put into place after our call together. Since then, my relationship with my girlfriend has never been better. Ben helped me tune into my sexual energy and tap into that of my girlfriends’ to create a deeper and more meaningful connection together.”

Lesson in this:

NEVER assume getting a girl, even one who’s worthy of an LTR, means you’ve crossed the finish line in your journey of sexual mastery.

You will never be perfect. You will always have a lesson left to learn. Solving a problem doesn’t remove hardship from your life; it only opens the door for an easier, more rewarding, higher-quality problem to come your way.

Instead of having the fucking stupid mindset some guys have: “I have a girlfriend, that means I’m a complete success in dating and never have to improve myself ever again”…

This gentleman made a very smart decision.

He took complete responsibility for himself and his role in deepening the intimacy between him and his girl.

He invested in himself, and got what he deserved for his honesty and courage and responsibility – A happier, more intimate, more mutually empowering relationship with the girl he adores.

I don’t just give one demographic of men amazing results.

Whether you’re a virgin, a slightly experienced dater, a heavily experienced dater, a married man, divorced, etc… I’m here to help you reach the next step of your sexual mastery.

Because there’s always a next step, no matter what level you’ve reached. You just have to be able to see it, and know what to expect on your way there. 🙂

See me in coaching when you’re ready to be my next client success story.

Take care,

– Ben

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