The Three-Storey House of Sexuality

We talked a couple days ago about the foundational elements of male attractiveness to women: You have to be fit/good-looking (be genetically strong!), successful and socially valuable (be a good provider!), and have some game (be a good lover!) for a fighting chance in the dating world. But as past me from 5 years ago […]

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Is personality sexy to women?

Wassup gents, I saw a post on the Instagram today from a female dating coach I like, Blaine Anderson. She’s claiming that while yes, women are attracted to height and success and looks… The most attractive women, 9s and 10s, care more what it FEELS LIKE to be around a man. “This isn’t pithy or […]

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Why women manipulate men

Women have a dark, destructive, manipulative side. Mainstream dating advice pretends it doesn’t exist. Redpill/manosphere/PUA dating advice assumes it’s all there is. Women are much more complicated than their sex, shadow, mind, or heart alone. If you can’t see women (and yourself) holistically, then you will be constantly blindsided in the dating world, as I […]

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Pickup guys and spreadsheets

Interesting tweet from Pancake Mouse today: A SPREADSHEET logging all his approaches and their details. Some people thought this was insane and weird. But me, I get it, man. Guys who are very logically oriented find value in quantification. It works for them. I have this side to myself. I mean, I used to keep […]

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Emotional vomit is a good thing

I had a productive day yesterday – pulled a shift working on business stuff, then an 8-hour shift moving and sorting stuff at the day job, then I worked on business stuff for another few hours, all on 4-5ish hours of sleep. I’m determined to win, boys. My wins are more important than my comfort. […]

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How I learned to be a man

I like being around guys who are into self-improvement. I have a lot of interests worth relating to them over – fitness, business, gitting gurls. It’s refreshing to talk to a guy who “speaks the same language” as me. It’s these growth mindset-embracing gentlemen who I work with in coaching, and have a fantastic time […]

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