How to shit test a girl you’ve just met

Quick, simple, tactical, valuable email for you gents!

Girls are weird.

Sometimes, they’ll be into you and invest in your conversation.

Sometimes, they’ll be disinterested and completely ignore you.

Sometimes, they’ll stick with you and keep a conversation going… But not want to actually be with you.

Sometimes, they’ll be attracted to you… But act like they aren’t!

Could be a headache, right?

Not if you employ what I call…

The “name test”

It’s a simple conversational tactic that brings a ton of truth to the surface, but you have to employ it the right way.

You can’t do it at the start of a conversation, or else she’ll go along with it as a formality. Now here’s how to do it properly.

After you’ve chatted a bit, don’t ask her what her name is.

Tell her yours, then pause.

If she tells you hers back, she usually genuinely likes you.

If she doesn’t, ditch her. She’s not into ya.

You can also touch her and see how she reacts (that never lies about her true level of interest in you), but depending on the social context, this may not be viable. The “name test” always is. You can employ it in ANY context, and not risk being too pushy for it. It’s a covert tactic. Its intentions fly under the radar. That’s what makes it so easy to use.

So, why do this?

You need to determine how GIVING she is with you.

Some girls will add to a conversation with you and seemingly invest in it just because they have good vibes and good social skills (unlike some people), but a girl who’s really down for YOU will be sharing HERSELF freely with you.

If she’s not freely giving like that, then either she’s low-quality or just not into you. Either way, you gotta eject and pursue other options.

The little things about her behavior are reflections of the bigger ones.

If she’s not willing to freely give you something as simple as her NAME, what else won’t she give you? Even if you’re hot and she’s horny enough to want a hookup?

When a high-quality girl really likes you, one way she’ll show her quality and interest in you is serving you. Women enjoy pleasing and giving to men they desire. The more grounded a woman is in her femininity, the more she’ll be in touch with this natural impulse of hers.

So test her to see if she has these positive qualities.

Give her an opportunity to give you something simple like her name. If she takes it, keep going. If not, pursue better girls!

(other things she can freely give you include coffee, food, attention…)

This’ll reveal how giving she’ll be with you when the bigger things enter the picture – commitment, intimacy, vulnerability, support for your missions in life…

Anyhoo, that’s just one piece of tactical advice I’ll give you in coaching, among other things:

* Foundational masculine energy work

* Feminine energy work

* Deep psychological work

* Detoxing your brain from porn and making you never wanna watch it again

* More tactical advice just like that!

* Text/online game mastery

* Much much more 🙂

See me in coaching when you’re ready to download top-quality dating mastery software into that handsome head of yours!

– Ben

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