What is the mysterious, majestic Casanova Club?

I’ve talked a ton about mentorship recently, and for good reason.

You need to have men in your life further along on their journeys in fitness, finances, and sexual energy, or else you’ll never know what’s possible for you. The right mentors will encourage you to rise to their level.

But you can’t and shouldn’t just seek out mentors.

You need brotherhood too, to reach your fullest embodiment of manhood.

As iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another, after all. That’s why we men create tribes – companies, sports teams, accountability groups…

Gitting gud with women is no exception to that, of course.

That’s why I created the CASANOVA CLUB.

It’s a community for handsome gentlemen like you who want to reach their fullest potential, sexually and otherwise.

It’s where you’ll give your wisdom, receive other men’s wisdom, not just mine, and get many steps closer to being your most masculine, most present, most aware, most sexually and romantically successful self.


(that’s a link!)

Clients get in for no extra charge, so if coaching is more for you, you’ll be added to the group automatically, and never have to pay the monthly subscription. Fill out the form and we’ll go from there.

But if you’re not ready for coaching, the Casanova Club will still welcome you. Say hi, introduce yourself, bring some tequila and cigars, and don’t forget to have fun and be yourself.

See ya there!

If you’re dedicated to dating mastery, self-development, and being the best man you can be, that is. 😉

– Ben

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