How to flirt without being a creep

I had one of my most uncomfortable interactions ever with a stranger a couple nights ago. I was bar-hopping by myself on a Wednesday night, chatting up strangers, checking out the live music, and keeping my eye out for any pretty young ladies looking to dance. (didn’t see any who really struck my eye that […]

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Why being single hurts

I’m going through a breakup right now. Not with a girl. I broke up with a business that wasn’t just a business. It was a business I was going to share my life with. A business I’d wake up every day excited, motivated, fired up to put myself into. A business that kept me company […]

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Goodbye (for realsies!)

It’s not clickbait. I’m legit pulling the plug on this business. And this’ll be the last one of these emails I do for you handsome newsletter subscribers of mine. *sound of heart rate monitor flatlining as I turn off its life support* This business ain’t moving forward. It hasn’t been for a long while. I’ve […]

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Which women are high-quality?

Everyone in this world is a bit fucked up. There’s no such thing as a perfect man or perfect woman. *le gasp* We’ve all got our shadows, our secrets we tell almost no one, our pasts, our inadequacies, our traumas, and our dark, selfish desires. And the only reason some of us have less unaddressed […]

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How I cured my seasonal depression

Every year from late October/early November until March, my mood and enjoyment of life used to take a nosedive. “Welp, here’s good ol’ seasonal depression again, just gotta wait till March to feel happy again” That’s what I used to think. In the winters, I could be on my feet all day, get work done, socialize, train, […]

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