Don’t be a salesman!

There’s one type of person I hate getting approached by when I’m out and about

People who want something from me.

Over the years, I’ve honed my skill of smoothly deflecting their questions as my stride remains unbroken.

Charity that’s approached me on the street a million times: “Have you heard of us?”

Me: “Yes I have!” keeps walking

This also happens with dudes asking me for money. They greet me politely, we exchange pleasantries, then I walk away right as they start getting into their sob story.

Ugh. No class. Begging is ugly.

See what’s going on here?

They’re trying to TAKE value from me, instead of ADDING VALUE to my life.

PUAs who suck and guys who suck at dating in general (whether or not they wanna git gud) make this mistake too. And girls smell the neediness from a mile away. Girls don’t want you to sell yourself to them. They want you to give yourself to them.

So be aware of what value you’re adding to their lives, if any.

If you have an extreme amount of neediness you haven’t worked through, conscious or not, you’ll repel non-needy girls like those charity people and beggars repel me. Your dating life will be along the lines of “he’s hot… until he opens his mouth” at best.

Instead, act like you’re hiring her as an employee. She’s your talent, not your buyer. You gotta see value in her AND yourself, not just one or the other.

A healthy, empowering dating life is only possible when you’re BOTH the prize. It’s only possible when you BOTH add value to each other’s lives.

Anyhoo, this was a quick one. But you may have needed to hear exactly that.

Now you already know I like to add some value to your life as well as blatantly sell myself. Here’s what I want from you as a client:

I work with guys who are willing to COMMIT, not just to the program, but to moving forward in every domain in their life – fitness, finances/career, self-development, and women.

I work with guys who are PISSED at the thought of sitting on the sidelines as life and gorgeous gals pass them by. Guys who are ready to go both deep and shallow, and do both the inner and outer work to be their most integrated, most empowered, most masculine selves. Guys who are willing to invest, learn, grow, and have a fun time through it all.

If that’s you…

See me in coaching!

We’ll get you aware of how YOU are supposed to add value, both to women and to the world. And sexual cluelessness will be a thing of your past.

– Ben

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