Which women are high-quality?

Everyone in this world is a bit fucked up. There’s no such thing as a perfect man or perfect woman.

*le gasp*

We’ve all got our shadows, our secrets we tell almost no one, our pasts, our inadequacies, our traumas, and our dark, selfish desires.

And the only reason some of us have less unaddressed darkness, and are more positive, high-vibration people, is because we’ve alchemized that darkness into good, creative, productive things.

You’re never going to meet a woman without baggage, but it’s perfectly possible to meet a woman who takes responsibility for her baggage, and grows into a better woman through it.

And of course, to actually date her, you need to be a man who’s hell-bent on being a better man and who does the work to get there.

You’re never going to meet a woman who hasn’t made a mistake with the gents.

You’re never going to meet a woman who’s a beautiful, innocent, perfect, submissive (but only to you!) creature who hasn’t had her brushes with the world and doesn’t know what sex is till she meets you.

You’re never going to meet a woman who isn’t crazy and fucked up, only women who do a better job hiding it than others.

The more you accept this about women, the better you’ll do with them. The more razor-sharp your vibe-checking ability will be around them.

If you’re expecting to ever meet a “good girl” unicorn who’s unlike all the rest, you’re delusional.

Every woman’s a bit of a “bad girl”, but…

Some women are willing to grow, win at life, and become more feminine, more integrated women who enrich people’s lives. Some women would rather be losers, go on the decline, and settle for scraps when it comes to men, demanding everything from the world when they give little to it.

Who is she IN SPITE OF her craziness and fuckedupedness? (that’s a word now, because I said so)

Being able to truly connect with a girl means accepting her for ALL OF herself. Not boxing her into some wish-fulfillment fantasy or ego delusion.

So what REALLY makes a high-quality woman?

Good looks?

There’s plenty of good-looking but selfish women out there.


Not entirely.

Being a virgin who wears cute dresses and wants a husband?


In my opinion, a high-quality woman is defined by her willingness to surrender to a high-quality man.

(Coincidentally, I made a Tiktok today about 4 traits of a high-quality man)

Will she actually do it, or just LARP about it? Watch what a girl does, not so much what she says.

If you know anything about female nature, you know that women follow masculine men. Women are built physically and spiritually, to surrender to masculine men. Women’s design is a refraction of men’s.

Judge women by which men they allow into their lives.

So before you try improving the quality of the women in your life, look at the men in your life. Especially at yourself.

Are you worthy of high-quality women? Are the men in your life worthy of high-quality women?

Are you a big fish in a small pond? Or a small fish in a big pond?

Creating, chiseling, and manifesting high-quality women in your life starts with creating, chiseling, and manifesting high-quality men.

So knowing that, now get this:

A woman who’s worth being with will react POSITIVELY, and be more drawn to you, when you show her your best, most aligned self.

If she’s more into a false or outdated version of you (who she’ll have an easier time leading around like a dog on a leash), she’s not worth keeping around.

This may not be the dating advice you wanted to hear today (maybe you were expecting me to say high-quality women are all cute modest dress-wearing virgins who go to church on Sundays or some dogmatic shit like that!), but it’s the advice you need to hear:

The only real dating advice is self-improvement.

Stop worrying about getting a high-quality woman, being burnt by a low-quality woman, nor about vetting for a high-quality women, nor about masturbating yourself to logical criteria of what makes a woman dateable.

(that’s hypocritical considering I made a video today that was a list of a high-quality man’s traits, excuse me)

Low-quality women will deselect you as a potential partner when you’ve got your shit together in terms of biochemistry, positioning, and psychology. You literally will be unable to date them once you’ve hit a certain level of self-actualization.

Even better…

High-quality women will be drawn to you effortlessly, and you to them.

So this is how you really select a high-quality woman:

Show her your best self, and see how she reacts. Stand by what you truly value and by what makes YOU happiest, and see how she reacts.

Enough said.

Becoming your most masculine, most integrated, most aware self (and attracting/manifesting the ladies aligned with that version of you) can take some time.

But it’s much faster when you have an experienced coach in your corner who can deconstruct, fix, and reconstruct all the mindsets and knots in you that are holding you back from exactly that.

So what’ll you get in coaching?

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– Ben

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