When your testosterone’s low… but you lift right, eat right, sleep right..?

You lift weights and have decent numbers in the gym, you have active hobbies, you eat a healthy diet full of micronutrients and get your macros right too, you eat very little processed or unhealthy “food”, you sleep decently every night, you’re sober from booze and drugs and porn, you hang with your boys and chat up the girls…

But your testosterone’s STILL low?

You STILL get fatigued, low-energy, down on yourself, feeling powerless against your brain fog?

I’ve been there.

Perhaps you have been too.

That’s how I was when my endocrine system was crashed and I had no idea how to restore it to its former glory.

I’d get burnt out easily in the gym and at least 1/3 of my workouts would be failures where my muscles would give out early, another 1/3 would be me sloppily going through the motions, and maybe 1 in 10 would be beastly like they’d be before I’d crashed my testosterone.

(now I work out like a beast 90%+ of the time, even when I’m hungover)

I had no confidence when job hunting. I’d go to interviews, and absolutely blow them with my limp dick energy. No one thought I’d make a good, effective employee.

Women wouldn’t treat me like a man. Gone was the sexual tension when our eyes would meet. Gone were the nervous, girly, coy signals of attraction they’d used to give me. Believe me, it was HUMILIATING to have girls treat me like a dumb little kid, instead of the strong, fun, masculine sexual being I’d used to be. No matter what game I’d pull around them.

Then a couple years ago, I had another bout with low testosterone.

I felt like all the masculine energy got sucked out of me. I mostly felt it in my workouts. I could barely do 2 pullups, and struggled to do even 30 pushups or squats in a set. When prior, I could do 20+ pullups, 80+ pushups, and 100+ squats in a set, and that’d just be my WARMUP.

So I got bloodwork done, and my testosterone came back at just under 400 ng/dL.

That weakness and burnout is also how a handsome gentleman I did a call with yesterday felt, and he had the bloodwork to back it up. His testosterone was even lower than mine was during that bout.

So I dug deep into everything that could possibly be causing his low testosterone:

Lack of challenging, quality physical activity?

Nope. He lifts decent numbers in the gym and does martial arts.

Something dietary?

Nope. He eats clean.

Porn, booze, drugs?

He’s been off that shit for many years.

Something in his social or romantic life?

Nope. He’s got a good sense of his own values and is living a self-directed life.

Brain damage?


I figured that out because back in the day, invisible and unaddressed brain damage was one of the many factors behind my low testosterone. That and sunscreen use/vitamin D deficiency, porn/masturbation addiction, other micronutrient deficiencies, and some other things.

Some of the drugs I’d done had fucked my brain up, impaired its function. I may have been coherent and functional, but there was damage beneath the surface. And because of that damage, my brain wasn’t regulating certain functions of my body right, including testosterone production.

Our neurological hardware was damaged, impairing the necessary signaling between our brains and balls that should tell our bodies to produce more testosterone.

So how’d I fix my brain up, and recommend this gent fix his up too?

We need to give our brains the nutrients they’ll use to heal themselves. Our bodies are survival machines. They can, do, and WANT TO heal after injury + return to their highest level of functionality, whether its physical or neurological, overt or subtle. But they can only do that if they have the right materials to rebuild with.

So I gave him a short list of supplements, that’ll likely heal his neurochemistry like they did mine, and I’m not the only story I know of someone recovering their former neurochemistry with these after trauma to his brain’s hardware.

As I said in the last email, TIME after an injury or the last time you consumed a substance that’s harmed you is only one variable in healing your body’s damage.

NUTRIENT REPLETION is the most crucial part of biochemical optimization.

But which ones should you replete?

I have no dogmatic, one-size-fits-all answers for you here.

Let’s go over that in coaching. There, I’ll get to know YOUR individual situation, and tailor my advice to YOU.

Whether you’re dealing with low testosterone, fatigue, substance abuse, addiction to alcohol or drugs or porn, or your fitness and workout performance isn’t quite where it could be.

Take some advice from me, a cool guy who’s been there, done that, and restored his own biochemistry beyond its former glory after wrecking it.

Biochemical/neurochemical damage that stops your body functioning at 100% isn’t always obvious, like the brain damage I used to have that impaired my testosterone production and got me dropping out of school in the end.

When you’re ready to be your healthiest, happiest, physically and mentally and spiritually strongest, most testosteroned and most masculine self…

See me in coaching!

– Ben

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