What work and casual sex have in common

It sucks how prevalent unhealthy relationships are in this world. Probably even your world. And I don’t just mean with people who get on each other’s nerves a lot.

An unhealthy relationship with yourself.

An unhealthy relationship with food.

An unhealthy relationship with drugs and/or alcohol.

An unhealthy relationship with sex.

An unhealthy relationship with work.

Any of those resonate with ya?

Let’s talk about those last two for a bit.

They’re ways I’ve tried (and failed) to meet my emotional needs.

And perhaps you’ve used them for the same reasons.

But the surface-level explanation is only part of it. Yeah, deep emotional needs, makes sense, cool cool.

My clients shift their mindsets majorly, get their energy right, and find the way forward after even only half an hour on the phone with me because:

I go DEEP. My coaching identifies and works through the ROOT CAUSES off all my clients’ problems. It doesn’t simply attempt to wipe the symptoms away with game tactics, productivity hacks, dogmatic advice, etc…

I’ve tried the “magic pill” route a whole bunch of times, trying to find some neat little elixir that’ll fix my addictions, relationships with the ladies, testosterone and biochemistry. Didn’t fucking work. Ever.

What DID work was addressing my holistic self and who he really is.

So what’s the root cause that workaholism and casual sex escapism have in common?

While I’ve been a productivity machine with my business, regularly pulling 8-12 hour days in the early days of it… And gotten so good at attracting the ladies that I eventually made teaching that to other guys my business…

I’ve overinvested in my work and my sex life because I’d think I needed those things to feel like a man.

Perhaps you’ve been the same way.

Getting a sense of purpose and masculine direction from taking on other people’s problems as mine. (a toxic Savior complex that I’ve since worked through)

Or perhaps going through the draining, repetitive motions with work because that’s what you feel you “should be doing” to be a success. Even if it’s making you money, why’s it draining you so much?

Same for being a guy who fucks. That’s what I used to get that same sense of purpose and masculinity from. Before life harshly humbled me and taught me how shitty my values really were back then.

I couldn’t transcend those bad habits of mine until I got brutally fucking honest with myself about why I was engaging in them.

You can only quit an addiction or a bad habit once you address what emotional needs of yours it’s trying to meet.

Knowledge is power.

That’s how I quit my porn addiction.

That’s how I quit my alcohol addiction.

That’s how I kicked my toxic Savior complex.

That’s how I stopped attempting to define my masculinity by what’s out of my control (especially by which girls want to fuck me), and started defining it by what’s in my control (my integrity, my responsibility, my drive to move forward in life)

I decided to have some compassion for myself. I decided to listen to myself, and to what needs of mine I wasn’t already meeting.

Because guess what happened when my porn-quitting strategy was “just don’t watch it bro !”

Guess what happened when my get-sober-from-booze strategy was “just don’t drink it bro ! go for 100+ days without a drink !”

Relapses relapses relapses relapses relapses.

My outer world only ever shifted after my inner world did.

And oftentimes, you can’t see yourself objectively. You’ll need someone like me to give you an objective look at yourself, and at how you’re neglecting yourself, treating yourself like shit.

Are you treating yourself like shit, pretending you’re doing something right with your life?

Let’s find out.

So when I take you on as my client, whether it’s to get you dating the women of your dreams


To get you the bodymind of your dreams…

Guess what I’ll do for ya.

Once we work on the deeper, energetic shifts… (my specialty!)

The outer work gets reeeeeally easy.

First comes the deep mindset and energy work. Then comes the tactical, “do this to become more successful, productive, wise, good with the ladies” type of work.

Then comes…

You tell me 😉

(hint: has something to do with higher testosterone, massive productivity, being very sexually attractive to pretty women, getting into the best shape of your life, and reclaiming power in your holistic life!)

Sexual Energy Coaching is here.

Holistic Health Coaching is here.

Which program do you want, bro?

– Ben

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