The magic pills to becoming ATTRACTIVE

Here’s a few photos of me glowing up.

2019, when my endocrine system was crashed:

And last night:

I don’t know what you’re thinking, but I’ll tell you what I’m thinking:

I wasn’t a very attractive guy in 2019.

I looked drained, emasculated, pale, and thin-skinned.

Compare that to how I look now – virile, strong, glowing, vibrant, sexy 😉

What changed? How’d I recover my manhood, my life force, my vibrancy?

We’ll get to that, but first I’ll tell you:

Carbs and protein aren’t everything

So many lifters and overall fitness/health people out there get the “lift weights and get your carbs + protein in” thing right…

But neglect fats and minerals.

Then they build some muscle, but their skin looks dull, aging, and flat.

Instead of glowing, bright, and vibrant.

Building muscle and losing fat AREN’T the only markers of health you need to dial in to be in your optimal shape.

What about your internal health? Your cellular health? Energetic health? Is your body free of toxins? Are you implementing acute stress? Eliminating chronic stress? If you’re a woman, is your menstrual cycle right? Are you embracing or nullifying your fertility? If you’re a man, how’s your testosterone and sexual energy? Are you virile? Are you in control of your seed or compulsively spilling it?

Fats and minerals may be the missing piece to fixing up those invisible (not invisible to me!) health issues of yours.

Here’s a couple FIZEEK photos of mine.

This one’s from 2016, when I was all about carbs and protein, and viewed my fitness journey as a simple process of losing fat and gaining muscle:

And this one’s from last night, now that I’ve got my fats and minerals dialed in, as well as the usual carbs and protein:

(I also don’t care about fitness now, so much as HOLISTIC HEALTH)

Who looks happier and healthier? More vibrant and alive?

The Ben Foth who takes his fats and his minerals, obviously.

These have been the biggest game-changers in my health, testosterone, and fitness, beyond the fundamentals of training hard, eating clean, and getting good sleep: taking a shot or spoonful of olive oil or coconut oil with every meal, and micronutrient, mineral repletion that has optimized my body’s ability to conduct energy.

Because that’s what vibrancy and attractiveness are.

How to be attractive

So so many people think that being attractive and sexually magnetic is about how you behave, how high-status you are, the genetics you were blessed with…

They believe that whatever cards you’ve been given, you’re stuck with. You could learn a bit of game to help frame yourself as a more attractive (wo)man, but not much you can do about your looks besides losing fat and gaining muscle, right?

WRONG. As we’ve seen with those photos up there.

Your body/looks/biochemistry, status, and game aren’t the sources of your magnetism to the opposite sex. They’re conduits for it.

The source of that magnetism is SEXUAL ENERGY.

Biochemistry matters massively in attraction. Not only because nutrient repletion treats your genes right and keeps them strong, but because a healthy body is a stronger conduit for sexual energy.

So you can always glow up – if you take your fats and your minerals daily 😉

Now let’s go deeper into making you become

your most attractive self.

Are you superficially strong but lacking raw materials for energy production and conduction beneath the surface?

Feeling fatigued, low on testosterone, having a tough time sleeping, struggling with a lack of focus?

Holistic Health Coaching is for you! Let’s get down to the roots of why you’re REALLY struggling to show up as your healthiest, most present, most productive self.

But if no one ever taught you how women really work, nor to view your masculinity in a holistic, integrated way, nor that you even deserve to be with the women you dream about giving a place in your life…

Then I’ll see you in Sexual Energy Coaching. When you’re ready to date the women of your dreams, or go deeper and more intimate with the lady you adore.

– Ben

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