This alcoholic gained 15 lbs of muscle in 4 months

It’s me.

I was the alcoholic.

And it’s true. My fastest strength/muscle gains in the past did come when I was binge drinking on the regular. So let’s deep dive into that.

18/19-year-old college kid. Went from a bit over 140 lbs at 5’7″ at the start of his first semester to almost 160 at the start of his second semester. When he’d already been training for gains for 2 years, and had gained 20+ lbs of muscle in high school. Spiraled into full-on alcohol addiction by that second semester, but still made time for his gym seshes between classes and hangovers.

How’d I pull that off? How was I so masterly at work/life/addiction/gains balance?

I have a few theories.

1. I’m built different.

You either got it or ya don’t. And back then was a season of my life where I had it.

2. Testosterone spikes.

Conventional wisdom states that alcohol plummets testosterone, so what if it did that to me…

Then my testosterone spiked above baseline once I’d sober up after a drinking sesh and a hangover?

3. Acute stress.

I swear by this in my own health. Implementing acute stressors into your life fortifies your genes, assuming proper recovery and nutrient repletion. It improves your cognitive function, physical ability, and overall well-being. Exercise/working out/training is one acute stressor you may not realize is an acute stressor 😉

So drinking booze acutely… Was that like a workout for my body and my cellular health, hurting it so it could come back stronger?

All plausible theories, but aside from #1 which has been scientifically proven to be true in many real-world studies, I don’t know which of the rest caused my gains for sure.

Now here’s what I think is most likely, thinking both rationally and intuitively:

I was doing everything else right

I wrote about this in a thread yesterday, but let’s repeat it here.

I wouldn’t work out drunk (only hungover sometimes). My alcohol addiction happened in cycles. Spend a few days taking care of my responsibilities. Binge after said responsibilities. Sober up. Repeat.

I was also eating a fuckton of clean foods in my school’s dining hall. 3 dinners a night on top of my other meals. Mostly meat and vegetables. Highest calorie intake I’ve ever had, but even with that + binging on booze regularly, I still had visible abs.

My hormones were right. My testosterone was healthy.

And my training was on point. Enough said.

As much as I consider alcohol to be anabolic, it’s possible that my massive strength and muscle gains at the time happened IN SPITE OF IT, not because of it.

Because I did plateau eventually. Stopped hitting regular PRs whether or not I’d be drinking around that time… Only had the occasional step forward…

Until I dialed in my holistic health.

So don’t attempt to make alcohol your magic pill for getting the muscle gains of your dreams.

These days, I only drink occasionally and I’m beating the numbers on the barbell I used to do in my aspiring powerlifter/alcoholic days. I’m stronger, more resilient, and way more masculine than I was back then.

And this is AFTER the days when I never thought I’d feel like a man again, when I had a crashed endocrine system I never thought I’d restore, when my balls were literally the size of raisins. (I got them back to normal eventually)

If I can accomplish that in myself, imagine what I can do for you.

When you’re ready to make the fastest strength and muscle gains of your life, instead of spinning your wheels and going through the motions in the gym…

(no alcohol addiction required!)

When you’re ready to supercharge your body’s NATURAL TESTOSTERONE PRODUCTION in simple, easy ways, instead of looking for a magic pill or an obscure esoteric supplement you can’t get at the local store…

See me in coaching.

– Ben

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