Why you’re not an alpha male yet

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Why aren’t you where you want to be in life yet?

With fitness, finances, and wome- I mean, fucking.

Why aren’t you in the shape you want to be in? Why don’t you have the professional success you want to have? Why aren’t you holding hands while reading the Bible with the women you most strongly desire?

Here are a few possible reasons

1. You’re not taking enough action.

If you want a fit body, you need to train well and eat right.

If you want to make money, you need to produce or provide something that people find value in, then market it and sell it.

If you want girls in your life, you have to go out and meet them (and approach them like a man should!)

Action always beats thinking. A “ready, fire, aim” mindset propels many a man through the arena, while “let me think this through before I…” will only keep you where you’re at, in the stands watching other men live their edge, get into the best shape of their life, make bank, and dance with the pretty ladies.

(oh damn, writing that just triggered some of my painful memories of middle school dances)

2. You’re a little bitch.

I hope you aren’t, but if you are… If you’re making excuses about why you don’t have what you want…

“It’s the government’s/some politician’s fault”

“My parents/my ex/my toxic friends fucked me up, so now I can’t…”

“I’m too short/skinny/balding/fat/Asian/unattractive…”

“I’m just really depressed and unmotivated”

“I just have bad genetics for…”

“Girls just don’t like guys like me”

It’s time to slap yourself and tell yourself to stop being such a bitch. 

The world doesn’t have sympathy for men who are down on themselves. That’s fair. That’s by design. Either you GIT GUD or you don’t. No one will save you from the pit of despair within you but yourself.

So it’s time to act like a man, and take some responsibility for your life. Don’t be stuck in weakness and entitlement.

3. You jerk off to porn.

Stop fucking doing this.

4. You don’t replete yourself with minerals.

Start fucking doing this.

5. You’re unaware of what your next steps should be. You’re denying yourself mentorship.

Sometimes, “ready, fire, aim”, fucking around and finding out… isn’t enough. I mean, it’ll get you where you wanna get eventually…

In a few years.

Or you can work with a mentor and collapse those few years into a few months.

Maybe even an hour, if your mentor’s me or someone as competent as me.

Is a lack of knowledge or guidance in the way of you being your best, most fit, most successful, most masculine self?

Because lemme tell ya, driven as I’ve been…

I only ever started GETTING how girls worked (and getting the pretty ones attracted to me) when I took some advice from, and followed the example of more fuckable guys than my past self.

I only ever started making massive gains with my fitness (and beating the numbers I used to do as an aspiring powerlifter) when I decided to stop trying to figure it out on my own.

I only ever left my comfort zone and got on a new edge, a new adventure, when a mentor of mine told me it was time.

I would have ended up hating myself and being miserable during a locked down Canadian winter instead of building up my professional life in warm sunny Miami (and regularly taking walks + having workouts at the beach around girls showing their skin) if I didn’t take his advice.

I only ever started gitting gud at marketing my business when I… Guess what I did 😉

What about you? Do you WANT to be that version of yourself too?

I’m not a business coach or a financial guru. If you want help making money, I’m not the guy for ya.


I’m the Holistic Health Coach who’ll help you be your strongest, sexiest self. When you’re ready to fix up your biochemistry, make massive gains in the gym, and never have an unproductive slump or a sleepless night ever again…

See me in coaching!

Or if no one ever taught you how girls really work, nor to view your own masculinity in a holistic, integrated way, or that you even DESERVE to be with the pretty ladies you dream of inviting into your life…

Let me make you my next client success story!


– Ben

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