Should you befriend women?

I got into a thought-provoking conversation with Pat Stedman and YoyloPUA on the bird app a short while back. It’s right here. The crux of it was Pat’s “planting trees” strategy – friendzoning women instead of jumping on getting with them. This gives you social proof as a cool, non-needy guy, and access to said […]

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The vampires you invite in

If you’ve had some life experience and an open set of eyes, you know: Healthy relationships are few. Toxic, triggering relationships are many. Especially in modern Western society’s spiritually drained dating culture. Don’t act like it’s all going well for you. You’re browsing a dating advice website for a reason. Someone has hurt you. And […]

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Should you be a player?

Yesterday, we talked about guys who get laid but still have Beta mindsets. Now let’s talk some more about guys who get laid but still have Beta mindsets. I like them. They’re not all the way there in their masculine self-development, but they’re further along than most guys are. So I’m not gonna tell you […]

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What makes the Alpha?

Much of the men’s dating advice community is fixated on being as Alpha as possible. Makes sense? Alphas get laid. Betas get friendzoned and led on, right? The manosphere and its denizens idolize these “alpha” men for one big reason – these men get SEX. They turn women on, viscerally. They have a certain masculine […]

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