How you can change someone’s life TODAY

Next time you’re out and about, I encourage you to take a look at people’s eyes, as the eyes are the window to the soul.

What do you see in them? I’ll tell you what I see.

Most people are complacent. Scared. Drained of life. Waiting for the next drink or smoke or fuck or outrage fix or Netflix binge. At the very best, they’re successful… but decaying. Their work and their family are pure burdens and responsibilities, not sources of joy.

There is no light in their eyes.

They live for survival and pleasure, and that’s it. They get a job because if they don’t, they’ll be on the street. They get into a relationship, even married, because they’ll be alone and lonely and unable to satiate their biological urges if they don’t. They drink, smoke, chase casual sex, catch up on the latest media outrage, and watch TV because it helps them find some semblance of pleasure and meaning in their mundane lives.

These people’s lives revolve around avoiding pain.

Now as we went over in the last blog post, they invite this codependent dynamic into their lives. They look for a fight, they find one, and complaining about one problem creates more problems for them to complain about.

They also aren’t the women you’re aspiring to date, hopefully.

If you’re here, you probably want the ladies with a light in their eyes. A bright glow in their skin. A spark to their movements. A can-do attitude. A feminine beauty and grace that runs deeper than genetics that’ll get them a thousand followers on Instagram.

To get these high-quality women, you need to have such a light inside you too.

And making it burn brightly is easier than you may think.

A ton of self-improvement people don’t get this. While it’s true that to be your highest self, you need to get fit and healthy, have some ambition, make some money, practice productive habits instead of toxic ones, and understand social/sexual dynamics…

Many of these guys and gals on social media are all bravado, even if they “have it all” – the physique, the money, the platitudes, the sex, the cool backstory of overcoming adversity…

Their brands subcommunicate “I have these things, and you don’t. I’ve done these things and you haven’t. I know these insights and you don’t. Follow me because I’m better than you”. Their knowledge and their wisdom talks down to their audience under the guise of empowering them, and if you were to encounter these people in the IRL (which I have), you’ll see that their energy in person isn’t nearly as inspiring as pretends to be through a screen.

Meeting such people in person will make you feel worse about yourself, not inspired to be a better version of yourself, as I’ve learnt the hard way.

(I’m describing only SOME of these self-improvement people by the way. Plenty more have good energy and live congruent lives)

In the “normie” online sphere, you find much of the same. Vapid girls posting sexy photos and videos of themselves to make you feel bad you’re not fucking them. Guys posting photos of their lifestyles and their social networks to attract those exact girls. These people also aren’t as impressive in person. They have more life force in front of a camera than they do in front of your eyes.

I personally am sick of these people. Twitter especially has enough big accounts who are two different people on and offline. The trad girl who preaches good values cause she knows it’ll get her attention, but whose intimate life is a toxic mess behind the scenes. The self-improvement fitness guru who smells like a superiority complex in person.

They are only powerful as long as they have clueless sheeple to lead, who don’t see beneath their glamour to their character defects.

I teach a higher way of being, and of claiming power over your life. I’m not here to help you be more like me because that’ll supposedly give your life meaning, nor to teach you how to attract the girls who are attracted to me.

I’m here to help you dig through your bullshit, and uncover who YOU are meant to be. To get the girls YOU’RE meant to get.

You may know less about attracting women than I do, you may be less physically fit or less financially fortunate than me, but this doesn’t make me better than you. This is so because I’m on my path in life, and you’re on yours. I don’t want clueless sheeple to look up to my brand and come to me for all their answers. I want to help guys who are independent thinkers, have a backbone, and want to lead their own lives instead of falling into some online guru’s frame and comparing themselves to him all the time.

There is a power within you greater than the strongest body, the wealthiest bank account, and every fucking social dominance tactic you can read up on.

Very few online self-improvement gurus embody this:


That’s where the aforementioned “light” or “spark” in people comes from, even if they’re not the most athletic, rich, or confident. Yet this light is more powerful than any muscle, bank account, or bravado.

If you want to make a real difference in people’s lives, and attract high-quality women, even if you’re not jacked or rich or have thousands of followers on social media, start here. Every order of effect from feeling some compassion reverberates more strongly through the universe than any sort of pride.

If you think back to your experiences, I guarantee you that one moment where someone’s shown you some deep compassion has altered the trajectory of your life by many degrees more than any millions of times people have treated you with contempt or indifference or simple civility.

(however, don’t deny the value of fitness, money, and status; they’re powerful in their own way, and you’d be a fool not to care for them)

Have some compassion for yourself, and for other people. Next time you feel like comparing yourself to someone, remind yourself you’re on your path, and they’re on theirs. Next time you feel like criticizing yourself for not measuring up, remind yourself you’re doing what you can with what you’ve got, and you’re making more progress than you may think, even if said progress isn’t always visible or worth flexing on social media.

Have you noticed that if you were to unfollow most of the people you “look up to” on social media, your life wouldn’t change very much?

Sure, you’d have less hot girls and esoteric insights to jerk off to, but your quality of life wouldn’t change much. In fact, you’d probably feel BETTER about yourself now that you’re not playing these people’s games. Because again, these people only have their power when other people are weaker than them, and needy for something from them.

These people only have their power when they can say “I’m better than you”. Their frame may be powerful, but it’s only powerful when you care what they think of you.

Compassion transcends these power games. It’s one of the most powerful vibrations in this world. When you live on this plane, one person’s joy becomes everyone’s, should they choose to receive it. Your failures stop stinging, and they become their own form of success. Other people’s pains and fallacies stop mattering to you; you leave them as they are instead of projecting your judgements onto them.

People who deny this light within themselves are uncomfortable around people who embrace it.

The part of them that resonates with it is buried. You’ll have to let them go, but this is good. You can finally stop forcing your dating life or your social life to happen, and instead ALLOW it to happen. Even if falling into higher-quality relationships takes years of loneliness to come to fruition, avoiding lower-quality ones is its own kind of win.

And dating becomes a hell of a lot better when you live in this frame.

So who are you going to work with to improve your dating life?

Because honestly, I may not be the right guy for you. There are many dating markets out there. Some girls care purely for your looks, money, and status, and if you don’t have these, no frame or game will win them over. Some gurus out there get these girls, and you’re free to follow them if being like them is in you.

Some girls care for your game and for having an individual connection with you, and there are many coaches out there who can teach you how to get multiple new dates with such girls every week, and they do it well.

But I’ve walked a different path than those guys. What exactly that path entails would take at least a few of these emails to explain, but I have my market to serve. Those other coaches have their markets to serve. Guys and girls who care primarily for lower things, and aren’t ready to be compassionate, deserve love too.

But if you’re an intelligent, growth-oriented guy who’s fit, ambitious, and good at heart…

And all the “game” advice out there has gotten dull, and it’s not getting you the women YOU want…

You may want to see me.

I won’t just teach you how to attract women in general. I’ll teach you how to get the best, and piss off all the rest 😉

– Ben

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