Why modern dating is harder AND EASIER than before

I thought to myself as I usually do while strolling down the street today:

Almost all of the people I pass by are UNFUCKABLE, young or old.

Every guy is either skinny, fat, or skinnyfat. Hard to come by a high-testosterone guy with a warrior’s body. (Unless I look into a reflective surface 😉 )

And every girl either has a fat gut or she’s malnourished. Beautiful, radiant women are tough to come by as well.

Most people’s hormonal health is shot. Seems like every somewhat attractive girl out there is fucking her hormonal health with hormonal birth control, SSRIs, and vaping. Her skin’s cold, slowly dulling and decaying, not tight, bright, and warm. And you don’t need me to tell you the vast majority of young men these days have 1/3 the testosterone their grandfathers had.

Programming’s hit hard too. Men have lost their savagery, women have lost their grace. Your average modern normie has been indoctrinated into thinking masculinity equals being an offensive, low-empathy asshole, and that femininity means being weak and vulnerable and victimized.

Western society is a sexual Hell these days. Men are scared to be strong, self-directed, dominant, and responsible. Women are scared to be soft and graceful and receptive. And let’s not get into all the mental health issues and dissociations plaguing normie society.

Whereas 20, even 10 years ago, (from what I can tell, remember from my childhood, and from what I’ve read in dating advice material from those times) men and women were largely normal. Your average guy may have been a bit clueless with women, but he could still get his shit together, learn a bit of game, and get a few new dates every week… With sane, normal, good-looking women who were open to connecting with a cool, chill guy and seeing where it goes.

Want a visual reminder of how good the dating market used to be?

Watch this video from 2009, and note how healthy and NORMAL these college students look compared to the crowds you’d see hanging around a college campus in the 2020s so far.

Yet when I first entered adulthood and went to college in 2016-2018, my dating experience wasn’t what I expected, based on the movies and old online dating advice. Every somewhat attractive girl was either anxious, avoidant, or a hoe. There were some great girls in the bunch, but every objectively high-quality girl was either tied down with her high school sweetheart or indefinitely playing the field, dating but not committing.

And this decade, the dating market has only gotten worse. Hoevid has socially and spiritually lobotomized many people, creating a culture of fear and division among even normal people who just want to go to work, spend time with their loved ones, and live their lives.

Society also isn’t simply bringing up a subculture of sexually dissociated people, but these people are adults now, running large chunks of society and passing on their indoctrination to the clueless, vulnerable younger generation.

So what’s the average guy to do if he wants a high-quality dating life, but the average woman is out of shape, hormonally dysregulated, mentally ill, and thinks her femininity is a source of weakness and victimhood?


I don’t teach you how to date average women.

As the times change, so should your dating strategy. Whereas 10-20 years ago, taking care of yourself, having your shit together, learning some game, putting yourself out there, and screening out the bad apples could have gotten you a decent rotation of women…

In the 2020s, SCREENING is of utmost importance. Most people are simply products of our culture, believing whatever the media tells them, focused on survival and fitting in. In 2010, this may have been benign. In 2022, it’s malignant. Some of these people are salvageable, but the vast majority have chosen fear as their oxygen.

Now, I don’t want this to get you feeling all doomy and gloomy.

Modern dating may be superficially tougher than before, but in a deeper way, it’s easier, provided you work on yourself.

If you’re attractive, spiritually strong, HAPPY and secure, and ignore the toxic BS and outrage, it’s never been easier to stand out to your counterparts. Simply having these few traits will make you a hot item on the market to people who possess them too.

The great women, rare as they may be, who’ve chosen to say NO to negativity and fear and ugliness, and to live in positivity and openness and beauty will be extremely receptive to you.


You have two choices.


Get your hormonal health right, get in shape, get on your mission, build up a rewarding lifestyle that makes you happy, learn some game, and Do The Work to strengthen your psychological, emotional, spiritual health. And thus, be irresistible to high-quality women who are doing the same.


Be like most guys, and CHECK OUT of the dating market. Turn to alcohol, drugs, porn, and video games because real women just aren’t worth it anymore. Deny yourself any inspiration to get on a mission. Chase and get played by mediocre, average women because you feel they’re above you, the best you can get.

Most women are checked out of dating too, letting themselves go, getting lonely and settling for weak men they can love but control.

But the strong, feminine women who give a fuck about growth and beauty and healthy relationships…

It’s never been easier to get them if you’re a masculine man with his shit together.

So if you’re a fit, ambitious, curious guy with a growth mindset who’s not where he wants to be with women…

You’re doing better than you think.

See me in coaching.

Whatever weakness in your frame and mindset and spiritual health you’re still unaware of, I’ll fix it up for ya. Then whether you’re a clueless virgin, or a bit experienced, you’ll end up like the rest of my clients, holding hands with a pretty lady 😉

Or you can check out of the dating world and perpetually angst about how bad women are today, while ignoring or self-sabotaging with all the gals who ARE worth it…

Your choice.

– Ben

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