When my clients DON’T make progress

As much as I like to talk up my prowess as a coach who transforms guys’ dating lives in a month, I’ll admit there’s some guys who need more time than others.

I’ve worked with a couple guys recently who are still in some of the same traps they were in when we started coaching. They’ve not gotten the results or the full clarity about women and sexual energy I wanted to give them.


I was hard on myself about it. Did I not give them the right advice, the right information, the right feelings? Did I fail as a coach?

No I didn’t.

The real roadblocks in my clients’ development are coming from them, not from me.

Coaching only improves you as much as you’re committed to improvement. IN EVERY DOMAIN.

The reason earlier clients of mine have gotten QUICK results with girls is because their lives were ALREADY together. They were ALREADY in good shape, ALREADY on a good career path, ALREADY with a good social network…

They just didn’t understand how women work, had some limiting mindsets about the fairer sex and about their own masculinity, and that’s where I came in. They already had plenty of momentum going in the rest of their life, and I simply removed some roadblocks they had with women so the momentum could carry over into their intimate life too.

Now these new clients of mine are presenting me with new challenges. How do you help a gent git gud with the ladies when his life ISN’T already together?


I can give you all the clarity in the world about how women operate. I can do deep psychological work with you that’ll bring light to your blind spots, unresolved traumas, and unmet emotional needs.

I can teach you how to approach a girl, escalate with her, ground yourself in your sexual energy around her. I can teach you what game works in what contexts. I can ask you the right questions that’ll get you thinking about yourself and women in healthier, clearer ways.

I can’t give you grit. Drive. Moxie. Chutzpah. That comes entirely from YOU.

Now look, I’ve been a loser myself. It’s hard to have moxie when life’s beaten you down and you feel like there’s no way out. You feel like women will never respect you as a man. You feel a weak connection to your higher purpose.

When I started working on what would eventually become this business, I was a traumatized little loser.

All my friends were leaving me because of assorted poor decisions I made under the influence, or because we naturally drifted apart. I dropped out of school and abandoned my career path because my brain was so broken I couldn’t retain anything I was studying. I lost my testosterone, bone density, and 20 lbs of muscle thanks to physical health issues. I couldn’t even get a proper job because my social skills had deteriorated.

I decided to get some momentum going anyway.

While I lacked a ton, I decided to leverage what I DID have into something good. I had a bit of life experience, a bit of dating experience, and a passion for writing. So I got cracking on a little project, I planted a little seed that would eventually grow into this business of mine.

Getting out of that pit of nihilism took me a year of hard work, but I did it. I got my moxie back, and it showed in every domain of my life – feeling like a beast in the gym again, moving forward on my new career, and feeling like a man around the ladies again.

So if you’re losing in life currently, I have one thing to ask you:

What’ll you do about it?

Are you gonna get pissy that there’s no trees around you? Or are you gonna plant some seeds and let them grow?

Because when your life ISN’T together, planting seeds is all you can do. Get a workout or a run in, even if you struggle through it. Write a blog post, even if it sucks. Approach one pretty girl, even if the tension crushes you.

As you nourish that seed and give it some patience, it’ll slowly grow into a tree. Small actions create habits. Habits create momentum. Momentum creates your wins. So.


Get some momentum going. The worst thing you can do when you’re not satisfied with your current circumstances is be IDLE. Put off planting seeds into the future.

I’ll close this off addressing two demographics of guys. Which one are you?

If you’re a guy who’s in good shape, has his career together, has good buddies in his life he spends quality time with, yet your dating life is lacking… Why?

Why do you think your dating life will be any different if you keep doing what you’re doing and don’t work with a dating coach? (preferably me)

USPS will not deliver the women of your dreams to your doorstep! And you can’t rely purely on random chance to meet new leads! Leads who you won’t even convert if you don’t know what you’re doing!

Your dating life will be EASIEST for us to transform. You already have momentum and energy in your fitness and career and social life. One month on the phone with me, then you’ll know everything you need to know about meeting and attracting the women of your dreams, just like the rest of my clients who’ve had their shit together.

If you’re a guy who lives with his parents, hates his job, is in shite or mediocre shape, has no one in his life he hangs out with however,…

It’s gonna take longer than a month, as I’ve learnt the hard way with these last couple guys.

But that’s no excuse not to git gud with gurls anyway. No matter how many sticks and leaves you glue together out of frustration, you will never have a tree. Plant a seed in fertile soil. Water it. Wait. The tree will grow on its own.

I transformed my life doing simply that when I was at my rock bottom (even if it took a year). Now what’ll you do?

Some guys will grow more quickly or slowly than others do, but every guy who chooses to have some moxie at every opportunity WILL build himself up and GET IT eventually.

Every guy who decides that Knowledge Is Power will GET IT eventually. Every guy who plants seeds and Takes Action will GET IT eventually.

Whether it takes a month, a few months, or a year or two for you to manifest the women of your dreams (and get them!)…

Are you gonna see me and go down that path?

Or are you gonna keep doing what you’re doing…

And keep getting the “results” you’re already getting?

– Ben

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