Dating in Celestial Realms

The higher you rise in consciousness, the more paradoxical and yet, united things become. The more you realize people, places, things, and events are all part of one story, one energy field among infinite fields, and are thus, inseparable.

You are Fated to meet certain people. You are destined to forge yourself through certain paths. God has built you for a purpose, both your DNA and the light of your soul.

So this begs the question:

Do you have a sexy female Soulmate you’re Divinely Destined to be with?

I, a mortal human, will do my best to answer this question. Don’t take what I’m saying here as dogma, nor as the absolute Truth. Think for yourself and simply entertain it. I could be wrong about all of it. I could be right about all of it. I could be mostly correct, or mostly incorrect.

Before we get started, I’ll caution you:

Don’t explore higher realms of consciousness, at least not to an obsessive degree, until you’ve mastered the lower ones. This will not make you progress spiritually; It’s avoidance from the progress and edges you truly need to be leaning into before you have a strong enough spiritual foundation to comprehend higher realms.

This isn’t to say you can’t have pockets of extremely high energy, nor enjoy high-consciousness media and activities if you’re at a mid-low level of vibration. Nor that you can’t enjoy mid-consciousness things as a high-consciousness person, along with the occasional low-consciousness thing.

What I mean here is – raising your core vibration needs to happen without skipping steps on the scale. Otherwise it’s on a shaky foundation, and you’ll still have blind spots of lower consciousness holding you back.

If your life has gone to shit, you have nothing to live for, you’re out of shape, you’re severely traumatized, you’re perpetually grieving something or someone long since passed, and you have no goals in life, you should be leaning into your lusts and frustrations, facing them, making peace with them, letting them out, then getting bored of them when you’re ready to have some real power over your life.

Otherwise, the “higher states” you experience at this level of consciousness through drugs or other assorted spiritual practices ARE STILL ON YOUR LOW-LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS. They’re lower-astral realms full of tricks and tricksters and other nefarious beings. Plenty of lo-vibe people get into spiritual practices as avoidance from responsibility, not seeking true connection to the Divine. You can see it in their dull skin and dead eyes, which no fake-spiritual word salad or Tarot reading ever heals.

Genuine high states will overwhelm you and be incomprehensible to your consciousness, if your vibration is beneath the threshold of integrity.

If your life’s “meh” or generally good, you’re content and functional but dissatisfied with certain things, you should be clearly defining your goals and the action steps you can take to achieve them. Spiritual progress for you means seeking knowledge and improving how you think, getting into the gym, working on marketable skills, and grinding on your goals. Working with a mentor like myself is a great idea at this level of consciousness. šŸ˜‰

Only once you have nowhere left to go in 4D, should you begin to explore 5D, where individual goals and wants begin to fade and become replaced with Divine Will.

Now let’s recap my last article:

The women you’ll date, and can potentially date, are aligned with your levels of energy.

Dating women in low-vibration energy fields (199 and below) is all about power games. These women are closed-hearted, self-victimizing, blame-throwing, and project their problems and insecurities onto other people and external events. They don’t care for your mind or your soul, only for your looks and status and resources.

Dating women in mid-vibration energy fields (the 200s – the 400s) is a mutually rewarding experience. These ladies are responsible, interesting, and warm-hearted. They’re attracted to gents who have game, who provide energy and personality connection, guys who can take them on an adventure away from their mundane lives.

I teach guys in coaching how to meet and attract and retain these good girls. How to connect with them, and how to turn them on.

But me, personally, that’s not my edge anymore.

I’ve gotten bored of mid-consciousness dating.

There’s only so many times you can take a girl out for coffee or an adventure in the neighborhood before it wears on you and you’re craving something deeper. There’s only so many times you can use your mastery of female psychology to make a girl open to opening her legs for you, before it becomes predictable and uninteresting. There’s only so many times you can approach a hot girl at the mall or at the bar before you realize how much of a difference your game HASN’T truly made in her attraction to you.

Exploring women’s souls (and my own) is my current edge in dating.

Let’s talk about women who vibrate at 500+.

What about their souls, mate?

First things first, high-vibration women aren’t perfect. They have pasts, insecurities, problems, and shadows. They’re still human, beautiful and radiant as they are.

What does separate them from mid-vibe and lo-vibe women is their RELATIONSHIP to these things, and to God.

High-vibration women surrender their lives to God and to Fate and most vitally, to Love.

A high-vibration person doesn’t deny that their life is full of problems and disappointments, as life should be. Overcoming these problems and challenges head-on and learning the associated soul-lessons is the reason you’re on Earth, not to live a 24/7 blissful existence avoiding all the pain and suffering in the world.

They’re RESPONSIBLE for their lives and souls, allowing God and Fate to enrich them.

But be forewarned, this radiant devotion to Love has its counterfeits, both in traditionally religious women, and in spirituality-community women.

If you’re not so spiritually aware yourself, you may mistake one for the other.

You may mistake a modestly-dressed, religiously-identified woman for your future wife who’s unlike all the modern sluts, then get burnt by her when you find out she’s got a shadow like all the rest. In reality, high-consciousness and devotion to God have nothing to do with how one dresses nor what religion one identifies with. You can find girls in tank tops and booty-shorts closer to God than girls who wear headscarves and long dresses.

You may mistake traumatized, closed-hearted 3D-consciousness women for hi-vibe women if they’re into the right spiritual platitudes and scenes. Especially if you yourself are into that shit as avoidance from your true problems. In reality, the “spirituality” community is anything but high-consciousness. It’s a swarm of mid to low-consciousness people trying to find meaning in their lives through anything besides taking action and taking on tension to improve their bodymind and soul. Being around these women is draining and like with all other 3D-consciousness women, feels like a covert power struggle. They will always find reasons to be closed-off.

Even positive, mid-vibe, 4D women who enjoy spiritual practices shouldn’t be mistaken for hi-vibe 5D women. Refusing to eat meat, sunning her butthole, and reading Eckhart Tolle doesn’t make a girl any higher-vibration, though it may make her more interesting to you.

A genuinely high-vibration woman makes YOU feel empowered and loving. She instantly raises your state just being around her. Her eyes and skin and smile are beaming and warm, not flat and dulled. This is how you can tell a fantastic hi-vibe woman from a fantastical one. She will always find reasons to be joyful and radiant.

So how do you attract these high-consciousness women?

You win over a low-vibration woman by making her feel controlled. You win over a mid-vibration woman by making her feel excited.

You win over a high-vibration woman by empowering her soul.

These women still care for a man’s looks and status, for his masculinity, for his game, their individual personality-connection, and the exciting experiences he can provide her. These fundamentals of being an attractive man must be mastered at any level of consciousness.

Beyond the Personality, high-consciousness women seek Soul-Connection. Real, deep intimacy that goes beyond mini-golfing or watching Netflix together.

These women want to give themselves to you, but only if you’re ready to give yourself to them and to God. They treat life like a game and a play, seeing the spiritual realm for what it is, not solely the physical and intellectual realms. Which is why hi-vibe women are often in the arts, making beautiful music from their souls, playing characters in front of the camera like they play their mortal selves every day, and putting on captivating physical performances that are only possible in high-consciousness energy fields.

That’s as well as I can currently explain these women’s consciousness in words.

If my description of these women sounds odd and unrealistic, or like they’re not your cup of tea for whatever reason, that’s okay. Vibration is only one variable of many that make a woman who she is.


You don’t have to desire these women. Perhaps mid-vibe women are more aligned with your path and your consciousness. Even lo-vibe women have their appeal, and there are plenty of men in this world in alignment with them.

You may be on your edge exploring 4D, and if so, it’s okay to leave 5D for another lifetime.

Even if you’re a mid-vibe guy whose calling is to stay in 4D for the foreseeable future, understanding Fate will still boost your game and abundance mindset around women. Understanding that most of the game is out of your control will help you be less needy and more confident around the ladies.

Understanding the levels of energy will still help you predict which women will enrich your life and be compatible with you, versus which ones things will never work out with no matter how handsome and suave you are.

Oftentimes, when you gamed a girl in all the right ways and she still didn’t jump on you, even if you’re attractive and have a ton going for you, YOU DID NOTHING WRONG. Your souls and life paths and levels of energy are simply misaligned.

So let’s get into that last bit there. What REALLY determines alignment between you and a woman?

Is there someone out there for everyone?

Now, just because you or a woman is high-vibration and aligned with Love, doesn’t mean you have a Soulmate.

I believe some people do have a special someone they’re Divinely predestined to share life with, and other people don’t (but are just as worthy of having someone great). Regardless of their vibration.

Per my current understanding of how Reality works, this is what determines if that’s true for you:

Whether you’re bound to a life path.

Some of us incarnate onto Earth intending to be bound to one life path, and any attempt to deviate from it will be met with harsh resistance. Other people incarnate here intending to be able to choose from numerous life paths, numerous partners, numerous friends, numerous careers (though still within a certain window of possibility).

So are you a bound soul, or an unbound soul?

I’m personally a bound soul. Every time I’ve pursued a girl or a career or a life path outside everything that’s come naturally and effortlessly to me, I’ve lost that quickly. That’s not to say I can’t pursue hobbies or interests outside this path, nor flirt with the occasional girl I don’t have a super deep connection with. I absolutely have the free will to enjoy anything I want to in this life. I’m just bound to my central life path and can’t deviate from it without impossible amounts of resistance on my part.

A bound soul’s dating strategy should be to give up resistance to this path, and to WAIT for a “soulmate” to show up, then pounce on her.

This doesn’t mean that this “soulmate” is a perfect, gorgeous person nor someone you’ll necessarily meet in this life, at a predestined time or not. It means that IF you both do the work to be your highest selves and align yourselves with The Path, then being part of the same attractor fields will naturally bring you two together.

You were bound to each other in a celestial realm before this lifetime, you lovingly enjoyed that realm together, and you may or may not have chosen to bring that love to this Earth.

An unbound soul’s dating strategy should be to cultivate options, then pick the best one when you’re ready to commit.

When I’ve tried this dating strategy, it didn’t result in much. Deep misalignments have ruined things with almost every girl I’ve pursued or lusted for, and that’s for the best. I’ve not ever been tied down to a girl misaligned with my highest self for too long.

Whereas if you’re an unbound soul, you won’t encounter so many deep misalignments when you’re dating. It’ll be easier for you to cultivate options and spin plates, and get results when you go out and pick up chicks, as there is a broader range of women you’re compatible with physically and spiritually. You and your future life partner, if you choose to have one, have the FREEDOM to commit to each other (or not), out of a Love chosen DURING this lifetime, not before it.

The love between two bound souls isn’t worth any more or less than the love between two unbound souls, or a bound soul with an unbound one. These relationships will all have problems, insecurities, and issues to fix. All these relationships require work and self-development and evolution to attain and retain. The only difference is the path to attaining these relationships. Was it chosen during this lifetime or in celestial realms between mortal lives? And EVERY soul needs to avoid oneitis and other fantasy traps, because there is no girl out there who will ever complete you or make your life worth living. Every need of yours along those lines, you need to be responsible for meeting yourself.

Anyhoo, I hope this article got you understanding how the machinations of reality and the Soul tie into your dating life.

No matter if you’re bound to a life path, or you’re capable of choosing between many, Fate and Free Will both play a part in how your life and your results with the ladies go. Your levels of energy play a significant role as well. And at any level of consciousness, working on your body and social skills is always a plus when it comes to attracting women. šŸ™‚

You always have the freedom to become a better or worse version of yourself. Every moment of your life is an opportunity to go in either direction, but who you are on a soul-level never changes.

Like I said at the end of Part I of this duology, I’m a highly competent, highly effective dating/relationship coach not simply because I teach you masculine self-development + tricks and tactics and game that works.

I teach you how to get in energetic resonance with the women you most desire, making your connections with them Fated, not forced.

When you’re ready to be my next client success story and get quick results like the rest of them,

See me here.

– Ben

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